L'Oreal Wear Your Color Proud with Tony & Jackey Festival Mall and Patty!

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Last Sunday was diff than usual. Kwento ko while asa bus uli ako now omw to claim my One Republic tickets for tonight's concert, which I won via Nuffnang's promo! Yahoo!

Anyway, so I go to Festival Mall every Sunday with the family to attend to our mass, praise and worship, and talk at The Feast Alabang. Our center is just beside the Tony & Jackey salon--my go-to salon ever since! Natry ko sha before (T&J) when they had a haircut promo, and I wanted to go for a Beatles haircut (in short, coconut look) circa my experimental / rebel-without-a-cause years. 

Anyway, this salon is most trusted for weird / unconventional cuts bilang Korean most of their hairdressers, and sanay sa kakaiba when it comes to hair.

I went there last Sunday to be one of the first Pinays to "Wear Your Color Proud". 

An integral part of the Wear Your Color Proud campaign is the Color Consultation Diagnosis Guide and training, to aid both the hair stylists and their clients assess the right color that will suit the latter's skintone.

Welcome to Tony & Jackey Festival Mall!

Even kids have their haircuts here:

Gusto ko nyan, fashown hair stylists!

I love that this place is so roomy, ang laki ng reception area, and andaming maaaccommodate na clients! 

Di lang siya free WiFi okay, di mo kailangan ng smart phone or tablet with their built-in "computer" mirrors!!! :D Check out the girl sa right:

Ok guys meet my blog giveaway winner: Patty Villegas! I didn't realized when I drew the winner and contacted her na we've met na pala before! Candy Fair!:)

Like Blogger, Like Reader! We wore same "formula" that lazy day - shirt, jeans, and red rubbershoes!

Patty enjoying her hair makeover! Been months na daw since her last haircolor, so super deserve nya the win! Perfect din at back to school na daw sha the next day!:)

Since I just had my hair colored weeks ago--my Korean hair stylist Sir Tei told me he'll just let me try hair manicure para di masira buhok ko. Thank you and also to Desiree and Aileen for taking care of me during this makeover!

Love that my hair is healthier-looking and shiny with this gloss hair treatment!:) I can't wait to go brown next time, but for now ienjoy ko na muna being a redhead!;)

After the salon session, I decided to treat and spend more time with my reader / little sis Patty in another Korean store - Tous les Jours! Also in Festi...

TLJ's super yummy lineup of breads + cool wooden / homey interiors:

Wear Your Color Proud na talaga! Hehe! Big thank you to Loreal And Tony & Jackey!

And of course, a big thank you to Patty for the fun afternoon! I enjoyed getting to know my readers more, lalo na at makwento din si Patty and I learned more about her photog classes and PNR train trips and tips! Isang fashionista commuter din sha!;)

Btw, the Wear Your Color Proud campaign starts on Nov11! This 1-for1 promo will be available in the partner salons of L’Oreal Professionnel: Bench Fix Salon; Bang’s Tony & Jackey; Henri Calayag Salon; Philippe Tordjman Le Salon; Regine’s:

More info here:

Really hoping for more events like this!:)


  1. Awww I love Patty!!! She was there din nung anniv party ko. Bait bait. Such a sweet girl! ♥ Glad you had the chance to bond with her, big sis :)


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