Maggi Vegetable Sinigang

Friday, November 08, 2013

Ok, so I was craving sinigang for weeks. I LOVE the hot maasim soup, and I can just imagine finishing bowls of it now in this horrific weather. Comfort food, in short. Anyway, I decided to try my best to concoct my very own sinigang, inspired by my favorite Pinoy restaurant NamNam: with watermelon!

But first things first, I checked out for recipes. Every week, they share new and exciting savory recipes through Maggi Magic Recipe Cards. So I need to know the basics muna on how to cook the simple sinigang dish--bago ko maeexperimentuhan and add my own input to the recipe. For our convenience, Maggi's website categorized their Maggi Magic Recipe Cards into Cook Bilis, Cook Tipid, Cook Sustansya, and Cook Bongga:

I searched for the Maggi Magic Recipe Card for sinigang, and got this:

Last Sunday, our family's Grocery Day, I got my own cart and bought my ingredients. I decided to create the perfect rendition of this dish for me: Vegetable (only) Sinigang!

Got several veggies, and stocked up on Maggi Sinigang sachets, and even Magic Sarap--In case walang lasa bigla ang luto ko. Lol.

For this concoction, you will need:
Seedless Watermelon
Red Onion
Magic Sinigang
Magic Sarap 

Apron on! Ready to play in the kitchen! ;) Hehehe!

It was my first time to cook sinigang (mas enjoy ako pag pasta), but it's the easiest task! Especially na vegetarian version sha, cooking meat may take a while, but eto ang bilis! For this, just boil water, slice the gulays, and then add them to the pot of boiling water one at a time, from the hardest to the easiest to cook! Add the Magic Sinigang, and your Magic Sarap to taste. That's it!

When the watermelon's tangy taste mixes thoroughly na with the Maggi Sinigang sabaw, super sarap na nya! :)

Visit Maggi's website and facebook for more Maggi Magic Card Recipes!
Isip uli ako ng maluluto for next week! ;)


  1. I love it! :) Now I want to cook something exactly like this! :)
    Thank you Ana! :D

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