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Fragrance as Gift

There are many occasions that are ideal for giving discount fragrance as a gift. One of those occasions is a birthday. A gift giver may give someone her favorite fragrance so she can have it on her dressing table anytime she wants to spray it on. Look at some other perfect occasions for giving inexpensive fragrance.
A man who is looking for a gift to celebrate the anniversary of his first date with a woman may want to purchase fragrance. Perhaps the woman has a favorite scent that she always wears. Or, she may have worn a particular scent on their first date that he noticed right away. A bottle of inexpensive fragrance makes for an economical as well as a significant present on the anniversary of a memorable first date.

A girl who is turning sweet sixteen would appreciate a bottle of inexpensive fragrance. This is a great idea for a gift from mother to daughter. A mother can purchase the same fragrance she wears to give to her daughter to continue a family tradition. In many cases, the …

Dizzy D.C.

Hi guys! :) Today is our semi last day in Maryland, tomorrow the family will go na to New York City to spend the New Year's Eve there--na pinangarap ko lang while watching the "ball drop" sa CNN nung nag 2012! I can't believe it ako mismo, dreams do come true! :p

Below Zero

I have never worn TWO pairs of pants and FOUR layers of tops in my life, hahaha! But today, although hindi nag snow ng Christmas day, the cool screen sa hightech ref ng tito ko indicated na it's 25 degrees in the area... Paano pa when we went to the Inner Harbor? After church for Christmas celebration... We headed to this historic port with some of my cousins. Below zero ang level, lumamig kaagad ang cup of coffee I bought ng wala pa sa kalahati! :p

Cabin Fever

While waiting earlier for our time to go out for more shopping in malls I have not been to, I think I've projected a smug face that Ate said, "Naka-cabin fever ka na a." True enough, the past days had been chill and the only time we go out was to check a nearby mall or grocery. I miss walking around the streets of a foreign place (like what I said in this post). Aside from the cold and lack of commuting options here in our Tito's place in Maryland (kaya antayan dapat sa car just to go to a commercial place)--busy din my relatives here sa work nila. Anyway, enjoying the company parin... Here are some of our activities the past days...

FREEWAY: Holiday Prints Galore!

Freeway releases yet another visually arresting collection of Moroccan Patterns and Macro Florals!
Macro Florals:
Moroccan Patterns: Christmas parties here and there require girls to look their best! Make it a merry happy season with bright patterns and bold prints like these dresses from Freeway! Models above wore lovely shoes from So! Fab and Janylin. For more information on these collections, visit: website | facebook | twitter | instagram

Anagon and the Hershey's Chocolate World!

Can't believe asa December 20s na, and nabibilang nalang sa daliri till Christmas. I am so excited!!! :D The rush, this trip, my family... They're making Christmas more and more exciteeeng! Second day in Maryland, the family went on a road trip to Pennsylvania to check out the Hershey's Chocolate World! I am the biggest Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar fan!!!

White World

It's 1:56 in the afternoon here in Baltimore, and everyone's having their siesta. It's the most Pinoy household I've been to since we flew here in the US. The first time we went out, riding my tito's Pilot, everyone's enjoying the snowy, white view while singing to classic OPM jukebox hits and even more classic Jose Mari Chan Christmas songs. Ang extreme, ang saya! Sa sobrang chill here, I find it hard to really dress up, go out, and take snow pictures! But yesterday, after going to Target for (food) shopping... Cea and I forced ourselves out of the house with our cameras before the sun sets (5pm palang ang dilim na!).

Flavored Rice Fans Love McCormick Rice Cookers!

I can't stress enough my undying love for flavored rice, haha. If I have to choose my carbs for breakfast, kanin padin talaga over bread! Naku, Especially now that I am surrounded with diners, pizzas, and burgers.. I take every opportunity just to have this very-Pinoy meal staple.
So imagine my excitement when McCormick, purveyor of quality herbs and spices and recipe mixes, releases their new McCormick Rice Cookers--infusing 3 Asian-inspired flavors in our rice: Hainanese Chicken Rice, Biryani Rice, and Nadi Lemak Coconut Pandan Rice.Naglalaway ako just thinking about these!
The launch was held in Makati, overlooking the beautiful city:

Cute event concept! McCormick launched their new product line with FOOD FLIGHTS, handing all the guests with this passport so that everyone can try all 3 different flavors of McCormick Rice Cookers:
The Hainanese Chicken Rice variant boasts Singapore’s famous chicken rice recipe. It is also packed with flavorful hints of Lemongrass, Ginger and Garlic. …

WIN: Tokyo-Tokyo GCs! (CLOSED)

WINNER: Steve del Castillo

Want to try Tokyo Tokyo's ramen, or just treat your family or barkada this holiday season? Here's how you can win P1500 worth of Tokyo Tokyo GCs!

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Good luck!!!

Urban Light

I think that the most beautiful sight for me in LA are the palm trees that lined up their streets, especially postcard-worthy pag sunsets! Ang ganda noh?

Getty Museum

It was a long day, and 12ish a.m. na ngayon dito sa Maryland, and almost everyone's asleep nadin. We spent most of the day on the road at sobrang traffic from Baltimore to Pennsylvania, from time to time pag nagigising ako feeling ko magigising ako na asa EDSA traffic or something, kaso dito wala akong 3G, nightmare! Lol.

Kamusta na jan sa Pinas? Kamusta ang Christmas rush? Ok ba ang trato sa inyo ng taxi drivers, e ng malls?! Baltimore is in full-Christmas-mode, with the crazy snow, and with my cousins na kids sa house na everyday namin kasama! :) We finished watching White Chicks kanina, on a school night, and sobrang laughtrip parin! More relatives are coming over soon, so for sure kagulo lalo bilang crazy talaga ang dad's side ko!

But before that....



Downtown LA

Ok, so the last time I really enjoyed a trip was my second time in Singapore, when I just went with my Ate who met-up with her barkada working in SG, so I was often left alone. I realized that whenever I had the chance to go around and actually walk through the streets of a foreign country, visit local museums, and then try out the foods that we don't have in the Philippines, the trips become more sulit and fun and mas memorable. A few day ago, my cousins toured me and my sisters around LA... Hindi turista mode na theme parks, but local style. 

Waking Up in Vegas

I wasn't able to blog last night bilang borlogs from whole day of feeling like a kid again. The family went to LA's Disneyland, and sobrang overwhelming ng people, rides, sights, bilihin, and of course, price tags (haha). The crowd was a fair mix of young and old, nakakaaliw to see even people na tadtad ng tattoos lining up to catch the kiddie Peter Pan or Dumbo ride! :p Sobrang cute! Anywhooo... Back to Vegas! So we woke up in our Vegas hotel room kung saan super sarap ng tulog ko. Instead of going wild the night before, I went wild with the US treats and sweets mom bought while she was in LA. My sisters and I had a separate room, habang the parentals had their own... And we kids enjoyed TV with weird US ads while eating our sour tape candies and Cheetos.

Welcome to Sin City


Call of the Wild


Fuji Instax Thanksgiving +Semi-Despedida

A day before my flight, nakalabas pa ako ng house for more last minute errands. I bought dollars, unang unang agenda, which made me realize kung gaano kablockbuster ang Sanrys even on a weekday and even on an unusual time. I left my place sa line and looked for Czarina's na not only WALANG pila, super comfortable pa ng place with seats. Rates are same same din with the bank where Ate had her pesos exchanged.
Then I realized I maxed my minimum withrawal for the day, I ended with no peso/ cash sa wallet maliban sa Php80 na di pa kakasha sa pamasahe ko pauwi! ;p Buti I discovered over-the-counter withrawal, gutom na gutom nako nun but yey I have pesos na!
I decided to drop all scheds for the day and went to the Fuji Instax Thanksgiving party in Aria Cucina, Fort. The set-up was sa Christmas-y and Instax-y, I entered the resto ng satisfied na and happy. Add to that, everyone was there!!! Ang saya ko, in a way parang "despedida" mode nadin yun with my blog friends.

I LOVE Fuji I…