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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ok, so the last time I really enjoyed a trip was my second time in Singapore, when I just went with my Ate who met-up with her barkada working in SG, so I was often left alone. I realized that whenever I had the chance to go around and actually walk through the streets of a foreign country, visit local museums, and then try out the foods that we don't have in the Philippines, the trips become more sulit and fun and mas memorable. A few day ago, my cousins toured me and my sisters around LA... Hindi turista mode na theme parks, but local style. 

Leather Jacket - Stradivarious | Dress and Boots - Forever 21 | Bag - Suy Bags

Finally! More decent outfit photos! Kahit maganda ang places (and lighting!) sa States, mas maraming oras ang laan sa pamamashal. Dyahe din to ask my sister pa to take my pics, kaya most of them madalian lang. Ang bilis pa dumilim, like 5pm palang gabi na! For this day though, we had more time outdoors since pashal lang talaga kami the whole day! :) Weather was great din, hindi kalamigan na gloves level, and kaya mag tights lang and leather jacket and porma boots--minimal layers lang. Ang hirap din pala ng napakaraming sabit-sabit sa leeg na scarves and warmers! ;p 

Our day started with really heavy breakfast! Our cousins cooked burgers and cheese quesadillas for the whole household--ang galing nila! Cea told me the burgers taste better than the diners we went to na! Home-made parin talaga ang the best, nakakatuwa!

Sunny LA! I love my relatives' place here. Actually, dito palang pwede na ako umo-otd, but shy pako. Hehe.

Not only a cousins day-out, we were also with their CUTE dog Rosa! :D Ang sweet nya, friends na kami! ;p Hihi.

Pati ang gas station dito, self-service! Nakakabilib din ang disiplina sa kanila. After eating sa fast food, nalilimutan ko padin na I have to clean-up my trays and trash! :p Buti nalang may isang nakakaalala sa amin!

Our first stop was in the cool Los Angeles Public Library! Sabi ko sa pinsan ko, naku wala na kaming lib sa Pinas, except sa schools! Siguro ang pinaka lib na natin ay bookstores like Fully Booked or Power Books! ;p Check out this cool Dewey Decimal System!!! :D

Our "walking around" pics! ;p Masarap din kasi hindi mainit, and at least eto na ang pinaka exercise namin! Ang dami pang photogenic areas... Sabi ko nga kung masipag ako dala pa more outfits for OOTD! Lol, di ako ganun kaadik! ;p

"Why do birds suddenly appear?" ;p Hehe! :p

The gang! With Ate, Jeri, Kara, Kayla, and Rosa! Cea took the photo. ;p

One of our stopovers was in this cool place in one of the buildings sa parang office district nila. Lemonade offers several, well, lemonade in different flavors (got the yummy minty variety), and then LOTS of yummy vegetarian merienda like healthy pastas and couscous with mushrooms and parmesan cheese. Sarap grabe!

Instaxed our "tour"! :) Maraming closed na places na gusto kaming dalhin ng cousins ko (like the 500 Days of Summer bench!!!)... But it's fine, nag enjoy ako to catch up with them during our car ride and walks! :) They were kids pa when they left Pinas, so ang saya din to know them again. Kayla and I used to be super addicted sa CandyMag! ;p We also shared (and still share!) love for good books! :)

One of our epic stopover was at the Staples Center!!! Ang saya! Sayang our goal was to catch a Lakers game, but hassle ang sched. Just being there though, sobrang panalo na! Ang lakas din ng Christmas vibe watching families and barkadas skating sa Nokia rink, complete with giant Christmas tree sa gitna. We also went in the Team LA store na ang cool ng mga merchandise, maiiyak lahat ng Lakers fan na mag enter there. Ate, being a big NBA and Lakers fan, bought a Kobe t-shirt. I was tempted to get a snapback but nag holdback muna ako sa gastos! ;p Besides, UST games lang ata pinapanuod ko anyway, and nadadala lang ako sa lugar... nyahaha!

We also went to Little Tokyo, where we visited cute Japanese groceries and indie stores, and the gang tried the takoyaki and other Japanese pika pika on sticks. Ate left to meet with her high school friends, and the rest of the gang had dinner in Tommy's Burger.

My cousin Kara helped me order a cheese sandwich, her friend daw is a vegetarian din so she knew that burger joints like Tommy's and In-N-Out have "secret menus" where you can just tell them "for vegetarians", and they'll prepare the meat-free sandwich for you--no weird face or questions asked! Sana magkaron nadin sa atin ng ganto! ;p

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  1. Sarap nitong vacay mo big sizzam!!! Enjoy ♥♥♥ I miss you!

  2. We have the same jacket! :) Love your posts, Ana! Keep it up and of course, enjoy!! :)


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