Rappler x Rexona Do More Awards

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dress - AM Project | Necklace - Gold Couture | Shoes - Chinese Laundry

Blogging from the airport!!! Akk hahaha, bayarang utang muna before leaving for States! 

So a few weeks ago, before the chaos that is BU, I was able to attend the Rappler x Rexona Do More Awards with Tracy and Paul--an inspiring night being in one room with people who have made a difference in their own fields by taking one (or more) step further from what is expected from them. Especially now that the country just experienced a tragedy, using one hand to help the self, and the other to reach out to others is what the Philippines needs. Thank you Rexona and Rappler for recognizing these names of modern day heroes! May this inspire others to do more.

 Saludo ako sa inyo! 

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