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Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's 1:56 in the afternoon here in Baltimore, and everyone's having their siesta. It's the most Pinoy household I've been to since we flew here in the US. The first time we went out, riding my tito's Pilot, everyone's enjoying the snowy, white view while singing to classic OPM jukebox hits and even more classic Jose Mari Chan Christmas songs. Ang extreme, ang saya! Sa sobrang chill here, I find it hard to really dress up, go out, and take snow pictures! But yesterday, after going to Target for (food) shopping... Cea and I forced ourselves out of the house with our cameras before the sun sets (5pm palang ang dilim na!).

Nagmemelt na ang snow....

Mahirap pala mag snow angel, snow fight, and, what more, mag build ng snowman!!! ;p Ang lamig masyado, killer!
Stripes Top - Baguio Ukay | Black Jeggings - Uniqlo | Boots - Topshop | Scarf - Cotton On | Gloves - Forever 21

I don't know if it's just the 5-layer of clothing, or if I really got fat na! ;p Oh well, at least when I get back in Manila there's a yoga membership card still waiting for me to finish, and the 3-month Gold's Gym prize I won from the Levi's contest! ;p Haha! Anyway...

While taking the ootds, we saw our pinsan walking home from school! It was his last day before Christmas break so ang saya niya!

My US photographer, Cea, posing din! Haha!

He went out again with Ate para maki-usi sa ginagawa namin ni Cea:

"Selfie!" Hahaha! With Cea and Niko, na sobrang bentang bata!

Our first night in the house, we had our first movie night na agad-agad. Since then, every night is movie night! Although may curfew ang kids so we had to cut a movie by 10. And since vacation mode na sila, naextend na last night ang sleeping time to 11... We watched 2 zombie movies (ako pa nakatulog nung gitna ng 2nd film, haha)

Fireplace ganap! First time to actually appreciate the fireplace--this one's the electric desaksak version lang, ang high tech hindi na kelangan ng wood and posporo. ;p

Persimmon! First time to try out this seasonal fruit, ang sarap!

First dinner in our tito's household! Two Gonzales families + my Tita (who took these photos) + Nanay (mom of our Tito's wife)

Niko and the giant strawberry-slash-chocolate-slash-cheese cake! Ang sinful, isang kagat lang ako halos (haha, kj!) ;p

The Pinoy pasalubongs for our cousins: Nips, Goldilocks Polvoron, dried mangoes, Cloud9, DingDong, Boy Bawang, etcetera!

Nag eenjoy si dad dito! Frustrated musician, but wala kaming piano sa bahay so he plays here almost every night!

My tito's cool bar! Name it, meron daw sha! ;p Perfect for the weather!

Everyday masaya and crazy with the double Gonzales family! :) Will be catching a movie later, and shopping uli siguro! 

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