Anagon Loves: Adidas' Stan Smith

Friday, January 10, 2014

Have you seen the Buzzfeed of the 15 timeless shoes that will never go out of style? Ever since I saw that list, I had a thing na for classic footwear that I can overuse till masira na sha or pagsawaan ko na (though I doubt that!).

A global fashion icon is reborn in Adidas Spring/Summer '14 as the legendary Stan Smith returns:
Removed from the shelves for the past few seasons, the classic silhouette has been updated for the modern day, while still staying true to the look and shape of the original. Looks so comfy, too, and something I'll wear on casual days for that vintage street style appeal. Fashionista Commuter approves!

The Stan Smith is available in leading Adidas and Urban Athletics stores in the Philippines this January 2014. Find out more about adidas at

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  1. addidas is awesome. my fav brand among them all puma n nike's ;)

    Defiant Princess


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