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Friday, January 10, 2014

After the holiday feasts--kilala talaga ang January and February as the "gym blockbuster months" kung san dagsaan ang nagpapamember sa kanilang nearest exercisean! ;p Here are some tips for those who have "balik-alindog" or "summer body" projects--like me. ;p

Health Tip #1 - Have a reasonable timeline for your health program

Health Tip #2 - Regularly alot 45 minutes of your your day to do excercises. Doesn't have to be sa gym, pwede ding jog around your village, go up and down your staircase, or (my favorite) attend a bikram yoga class!

Health Tip #3 - Nothing impacts your health the way your food does.

But pag nagccrave for fastfood flavors, how about going for an alternative? Subway® restaurant, the highly-regarded American sandwich joint that popularized premium hand-crafted submarine sandwiches around the world, has been the favorite choice of thousands when it comes to satisfying their cravings for a fix of fastfood flavor without having to disobey the doctor’s orders to get proper nutrition from “real food”.

Fresh and healthy--but also delicious! As a vegetarian, I approve of their menu!

And good news, Subway opens a new branch in Boracay! 

To know on how to franchise a SUBWAY®restaurant, you can visit, call (02) 843-6057, or write to

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