What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Saturday, January 04, 2014

After the hingal-level "Amazing Race" New York tour the other day, we woke up mga lunch time na last January 31 para in tiptop shape for the night. We had brunch and then went out with Cea at around 3ish to go to Times Square for the New Year's Eve ganap... Ang pinakahihintay ko! :p
Red Coat - Old Navy from Goodwill (Thrift store / ukay in LA!) | Scarf - Old Navy | Houndstooth Tights - Stradivarious | Boots - Shoe Dept Encore

Everyone left earlier sa amin--My Ate met up with her friend na taga New York, while the parentals and my cousins had separate plans. In short, it was my first time to commute in NYC na ako ang in charge! Suspense! Lol. With the Subway app downloaded in my iPhone, I navigated our way to the cupcake store to meet Ate. Wala kaming roaming phones ni Cea, so imagine the challenge!

Nag snow while we were walking to the nearest subway! Cool! Welcome to our apartment's super quiet (abandoned ba to!?) area:

Ang sarap pala mag track ng subway station--by color, letter, or number--to go to the nearest stop. Ibang klase ang train system nila, sa isang track pwedeng 2 or 3 different routes ang dumaan. Also, pwedeng may stops na pang weekdays, weekends, or rush hours only. Mukang intimidating and complicated, but fun!


We went down the station na feel namin closest to the Magnolia Cupcakes, and was even able to check out the busy Bryant Park! Panalo parang may bazaars pa sya paikot ng mga coffee shops.

 Just a few blocks away, say hello to the Magnolia Bakery! Ang aga namin for the meet-up time, so Cea and I lined up narin. LINED UP! Eto na talaga ang bakery na pinipilahan kahit super lamig sa labas! ;p We had cupcakes, cookies, and kape, went out for a while to look for a place with restrooms (hirap ng walang text!) para ready na for Times Square later, and then Ate arrived. About the cupcakes, ok naman sya but honestly the best padin talaga ang ating Sonjas Cupcakes! ;)

We walked to Times Square, and then saw roadblocks here and there na, security guaranteed by the NYPD. Sobrang strict nila and organized, walang lusot! We had to line up ng suuuuper haba just to get in Times Square. May security check-point by the end of the line, before they let people in by batch. Amazing kasi para siyang as if BIG theater or basketball court lang na kaya nilang mag crowd control! Sila na talaga! Kahit maraming napapaaway moments dahil sa sikip and lamig, saludo and respect talaga for the New York Police Department for keeping locals and tourists alike safe!

Back in 2012, we were watching via CNN the New York New Year's Eve Ball Drop sa TV hall namin, and sabi ko ang saya naman niyan!, and subconsciously nilagay ko na sha sa bucketlist ko. I can't believe na few years later, andito na kami--and as a family! :) Seriously, the experience wasn't that spectacular--syempre iba parin ang New Year ng Pinas paputok, engrandeng fireworks, and kagulong text greetings / busy lines of friends and loved ones. In Times Square, people got crazy at halos below zero na while we were waiting for 12am, but still, definitely a story to tell. ;)

Melting pot nga naman ang New York! Iba't ibang nationalities ang naging "neighbors" namin that time! But most of the time, we were stuck in one spot, wala na galawan! Not much documentations that night sa sobrang ginaw, di ko malabas my hands sa pockets ko just to take photos. :p

Anyway, I am super happy for a new year, and sobra-sobra-sobrang thankful ko for the last. Sa totoo lang, it's my least sentimental new year salubong because of all the craze going on around me from this trip, all the people I was with, and generally the big moment of being in Times Square--na unlike the other years, wala akong time to make plans or resolutions for 2014.

And here's my 2013 highlights by month:

January - Sinulog party-slash-birthday salubong with my blog barkada. I think this Cebu trip was the first trip namin na naka plane! Dito nabuo ang "yolo" group and we vowed to make 2013 the best year ever! True enough, it is!!!

February - First Anagon Collection collab with a big international brand The Little Things She Needs! I made a Valentines Day collection that they sold in all their Metro Manila branches. Nakakakilig yun!

March - Another yolo trip to Sagada with my blog friends, where we spent days trekking mountains, braving cold caves, eating strawberry yoghurt (na cinecrave ko bigla now ;p), and sleeping (and chikahan) in a cramped rented room. Good times!

April - Thank you for the discovery of Bikram Yoga Alabang, the start of my favorite fitness activity. Through yoga, I gained a sense of balance and security--other than that, madami ding nag notice how I've lost a lot of weight! Can't wait for the hot room pag balik ng Pinas! ;p

May - 2013 was also the concert year, with Jason Mraz, One Republic, The Script, Avicii, SugarSmashGin, and The Killers... But my most favorite music event siguro was Wanderland! With multiple bands, outdoor setting, unli drinks, and great friends--napapasmile parin ako every time I randomly hear Everybody Talks by the Neon Trees. < 3

June - Still, my favorite BU was last June 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, just because I feel na we created the whole event from scratch--dugo't pawis at luha--lahat na! :) When this photo with my forever-partner Pax was shot during the bazaar egress, I still remember how proud and beaming I was for accomplishing this. I can't wait na for BU7!

July - Another dream come true for me that happened last year was getting a teaching career. Hindi ko sya hinanap, it was given to me lang by a friend who texted me if I was interested for the slot! It may just be a club moderator job, but I am always excited and nervous and ecstatic whenever it's Thursday just to meet my high school girls.

August - Last year, I also had the "Crafternoon Craze" where I enrolled in I think at least 5 crafts classes via Life After Breakfast and Craft Manila workshops. I took resin jewelry making, rubber stamps, calligraphy, watercolor, brass accessories, leather crafts, and so much more. As much as I love being a teacher, I also love the thought na may chance lahat to learn more ng whatever they want and kahit ilang taon ka na. :)

September - My most favorite overnight last year most probably is the Makati Staycation! The Clingies went crazy that night, did things that proved that we are indeed friends--Sabihin na nating "What happens in Holiday Inn stays in Holiday Inn!" ;p

October - Another kilig 2013 moment was getting featured in a mainstream morning show that even my aunts were able to catch it. Hah! With their ABS-CBN hosts Bianca Gonzalez and Zen Hernandez, I made diy costumes like this kuchilyo-head for Umagang Kay Ganda's Halloween special!

November - Another first that happened last 2013 was my first time in a cruise! Thanks to 2Go Travel, I was able to experience sleeping, dining, and even partying in a huge ship! Best part was being with my friends!

December -  Aside from leaving for the US, I have two highlights for December 2013: Being chosen as MadTV.PH's diy host and having a MAD new family, and the huling hirit adventure Baguio trip with my Clingies kung saan nabuo ang mga epic horror stories and laughtrips!

Every new year, I always feel na we are lucky to have the chance nanaman to dream and re-align ourselves again. Although we can do this naman mid-year or in any random day, a go-signal, visually guided by turning a new calendar year (or replacing your planner), really helps in pushing me to step forward and step up. I can't think of specific resolutions and goals right now while still here in the US, but, like in every start of the year, merong belief nanaman na stuck in my heart that this will definitely, undeniably, going to be a great year. So let me just wish you my dearest readers and friends a positive disposition for 2014. As I always put it: "Push!, Aja!, Gow for the gold lang!"

I love you guys! Happy New Year!

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  1. bakit parang teary-eyed ako sa post na ito, daming mong accomplishments last 2013 and you deserved all of those! when I'm reading your posts feeling ko parte kaming mga readers mo ng buhay mo. Thanks for sharing your experiences to us, and continue inspiring people! Have an awesome 2014! ^-^

    1. Thank you so much for this comment, Anne! :) Means A LOT to me! <3 Happy new year to you! :)


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