Last Day in NYC

Sunday, January 05, 2014

The day when we woke up to leave New York na, I seriously felt a case of anxiety / separation attack--nakakainis! Jinarts! Haha! But then, whenever you fall in love--whether sa isang bagay, a job, a person, or in this case, a place--kahit you spent a few days with it lang, parating it's so hard to part with it. But before that day!...

Green Coat - Old Navy | Heisenberg Shirt - Hot Topic

No plans na for our last full day in NYC, but Cea and I planned to still go out and maybe catch a broadway (or else, kelan pa? :)). We passed by this graffiti wall everyday during our long walk to the subway, and today, just because dalawa lang uli kami, we decided na mag OOTD with it. ;p

Aside from the broadway, Cea was just go with the flow for the rest of the afternoon so hinayaan lang nya ako to decide where we were going to spend it. 
Subway hits, sorry di ko nabasa yun sign sa likod ko! :p

I wanted to badly go to Serendipity 3 Cafe (from the Serendipity movie), the Tiffany and Co store (from Breakfast at Tiffany's), and if possible in John Lennon (of the Beatles) former apartment (sad nawalan ng time for this). Did my research, and with the help of my subway app, navigated our way to the cafe first:

It wasn't at all near a subway station, so we had to walk a lot before we were finally able to spot Serendipity 3.

Ang cool lang coz I feel na asa Gossip Girl-Upper East side na kami because of the looks of the streets and most especially the locals. Ang sosyal na ng mga tao with their fur coats, smug faces, and designer stuff and all!

And then finally, hello Serendipity III!

I just watched Serendipity movie again during our flight (hehe, cheese I know!), so nakakakilig din to see the cafe! It was small lang in actual, though, and ang nakakatawa lang is that there was a line outside, people were really raring to go in this romantic movie setting. I heard the lady in the lobby explaining to some guests na by reservations na sila! :p Sayang, oh well... Cea and I decided to have our coffee break in some other New York cafe. :)

Walks in New York wouldn't be so hard if not for the really cold weather. Di ko maimagine ang pawis naman if nilakad ko tong kahabaan na ito sa good ol Pinas. But then, ang hirap din ng lamig. As in ngisay level, so we always end up stopping over stores or cafes. Before continuing our search for Holly Golighty's tambayan (hehe)... We went in the 3-floor candy place with a cafe sa last floor: Dylan's Candy Bar!

Sobrang CUTE ng place, I am sure matutuwa dito si Christine Liwag! ;p Kahit CR nila in-theme, and I love the swirl lollipop chairs, but the best is their menu! Meron pa silang candy-themed beverages, and a set with alcohol pa in their "Candy Bar". :D

Cea and I shared this SARAP smores PIZZA. And of course I had coffee (with lots of sugar, no cream! ;p). Ang cute ng gumballs table noh!?

Then, the search for 5th Avenue for Tiffany & Co continues....

Akkk! Hindi ko alam kung Moon River o Breakfast at Tiffany's ang ibabackground music ko inside my head when I saw this! 

"Well, when I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany's. Calms me down right away. The quietness and proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there." - Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's


Last stop was in Times Square to meet Ate and check out the Broadway shows on-sale that night. But before that, we passed by the cool New York Times! :D

Scored tickets at 40% off for Avenue Q! Mahal padin sha at 70 dollars, but naisip ko kasi if not tonight, when pa kami makakaexperience ng Broadway! :p

6pm palang nyan, and show was not till 8pm, so we had our last Times Square photo ops nadin before saying good bye to this beautiful place. Ang ganda nya talaga in actual, and lahat ng tao parang ang saya and positive and full of energy. I'll miss this!

< 3

Cea and I looked for the theater na, before deciding where to have our dinner in a nearby resto. I wanted to try na the Mexican place Chipotle, but sayang sarado sha that night so we opted for the Gotham Pizza.

Avenue Q was held in New World Stages, kaya sya tinawag na Off-Broadway. The place has so much indie-feels, ang artsy ng vibe when I got in and saw walls of art works and cool mirrors. Cea said parang Cinemalaya pala ang feeling dito, and I thought nga before parang dapat naka formal pag mag wawatch ng Broadway yun pala hindi! Ang sarap nga naman nito araw-araw-in if only we have more nights in New York!

The theater (especially the seats) weren't the best, pero ang amazing ng production, set, and actors! Ang cool pa is pwede kang umorder ng mga (alcoholic) drinks sa roving waiters before the show and during the break, and "get wasted" daw while watching! The songs from Avenue Q are all sobrang significant din sa life, tinuhog na nila LAHAT ng themes na tagos sa puso! Ang galing sobra, till now na-LSS kami ni Cea sa Everyone's A Little Bit Racist, The Internet is for Porn, There's a Fine Fine Line, and For Now. Perfect way to cap the whole awesomeness NYC experience--I lovet! Sana makabalik din ako kaagad dito!

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  1. Super jealous of your USA trip! I haven't been to New York so it's a bucket list of mine to go there especially during Winter! Have a safe flight back here!

    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic

  2. Thanks ysabel! :) It is a great place bitin ang ilang araw! :)

  3. Anaaaaa! I love your NYC blog posts. I need to say this: I'm so jealous that you saw The New York Times building! One day I'll go there -- no, work there! Libre mangarap! hahahaha!

    1. Lovet! Love people who DREAM BIG! Naku Nikko I cant wait to see you there and maybe even visit you during your breaks! ;D Naks, haha! :)


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