A Thousand Splendid Suns

Friday, February 14, 2014

Never expected much for Vday (not in a bitter way), but I didn't expect it to be fun too for this year! Left my St. Scho bazaar booth to my reliable helper Ed to attend the Malaysia Holiday launch, and then later on left with Sarah and Papa D to search for the perfect place to spend our Valentine's (hindi option ang mall! Afraid sa tao!).

Before their own date, the couple spent Vday with me! :) We bought coffee and croissants, and had tambay-time in our beautiful outdoor "secret place", kumpleto with a view of love's most favorite background: a sunset! Pwede ko ba ikwento nadin na may background music pa kami, bilang dala ni Papa D ang kanyang harmonica? ;p Ang cool din, well for me ang saya ko na nyan!:)

Kwento lang, yesterday on my way to the bazaar, commute lang kami ni Ed. Sasakay na dapat ako ng jeep, but ayaw mag full stop ng driver (as in umaandar padin). Etong si Ed naman ineexpext na mag ninja-moves ako and hop/long-jump my way inside the vehicle. After 2 jeeps na ayaw ata magpasakay o galit lang talaga sa pasahero, meron namang isang tumigil so I was able to climb safely. Pagkaupo ko, sabay sabi ko kay Ed, "Di ako tatalon para sa kanila noh. May titigil naman." (Isang mahabang naaaaaks naman jan!;D)

May you know your worth, love yourself more, and may there be a thousand splendid suns within you. 
Rooting for you guys, and happy Valentine's from your Fashionista Commuter.;)


  1. ganda naman ng witty ending mo! naaaaaaks naman! :P

  2. aaah what a perfect day to end it with the sun setting.. #nostalgia

  3. I love the story and lesson in the end of the post. ;) Haha. Nice to see you and Sarah! :)


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