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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Although dinala ko naman my Fuji Instax Mini 8 during my US trip, there will be days na naiiwan ko na sha sa hotel o house ng relatives ko dun. 

Or minsan naman, with Instax, hindi ko maachieve the right settings and angle.

Or right smile o pose sa photo (yessss!). Alam nyo yung hirit nila pag linabas na ang Instax, "O dapat perfect na yan a, one take lang yan!"

Analog problems! (Plus, tipid-sa-film problems. ;p)

Dito papasok the new craze in printed photos, meet the Fuji Instax Share SP-1:

With the new Instax Share, I was able to print some of my US trip highlights (aka me, me, me, iba iba lang background, lol) of all, print them Instax style! Iba padin ang cool-factor of these wallet size prints noh?

Printing with the Instax Share is WIRELESS. Just follow these really easy steps:

1) Download the Instax Share app in your smartphone:

2) Turn on the printer, and then your phone's Wi-Fi. Choose and connect to the printer SSID (which you can see at the bottom of the printer). 

3) Select a photo from your albums, Social Networking Sites, or take a new picture:

4) Once image is selected, tap Edit to scale, rotate, brighten, or change the filter of the photo:

If you want, you can also add a text caption:

5) When editing is completed, just tap on the Connect and Print!

Last week, I attended the Instax Share launch to get to know this product more:

Other than the digital photos you want to print Instax-style, I also got the idea of having your ARTWORKS printed---just like these watercolor text and flowers by crafter and blogger Alessa Lanot:

Cute idea on how to display your Instax prints:

Also, Ms. Alessa held a Crafternoon during the event with Sharpie and Paper Blush! 

We got busy designing our mini accordion albums with our old photos --printed with Instax Share, and then decorated with Sharpie pens and Paper Blush's washi tapes, clips, and cut-outs:

Interested? :) You can now pre-order Instax Share SP-1: 


  1. super nice - kung pwede lng iprint lahat ng pics kaya lang mahal ng film!!!

  2. Ang saya lang nung workshop!! Sayang wala na ako nun.. :(( Love ko yung sayo, beb!!


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