Monday, March 31, 2014

Last December, my sisters and I visited the Museum of Modern Art (or MOMA) while we were in New York:

It was part of our 1-day tour around the city, it is a place that houses modern and and contemporary art:

MOMA had me at Kusama, Warhol, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, and--OF COURSE--Van Gogh!

So when I found out that UNIQLO releases a collaboration with MOMA, sobrang naexcite ako! Parang thrumowback Thursday ako to New York! ;p

Midnight Cravings: Magnum Manila

Summer na summer and kahit gabi, parang ang ineeet na talaga! That's why I always crave ice cream for the past days! Nakakaexcite when I heard that Magnum will open a cafe or a Magnum Pleasure Store here...So hindi nalang sa groceries makakabili ng "pleasure" ice cream nato. The cafe is called the Magnum Manila:

Bb. Pilipinas x JAG Jeans +Giveaway! -CLOSED-

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Update: Congrats to the winners! 
#SoJAG2014 Jag Jeans Giveaway
Binibining Pilipinas night nanaman! I am sure exciting and kagulo nanaman ang Twitter feeds natin later with commentaries -- na most of the time, mas benta pa! 

Para mas exciting, I will be giving away 2k worth of JAG Jeans GCs!

Beauty Queens love their sexy skinny JAG Jeans. Kahit sila may contest na She's So Jag (sinong bet nyo for this?)

As for our online contest.....TO JOIN:

1) Follow JAG on an: Facebook | Twitter | IG
2) Follow me on Twitter | IG
3) Spread this giveaway through your Twitter or Instagram with the link (don't forget to tag @anagon #jagjeansph #sojag2014)
4) Comment below with your full name, email, link of your tweet/IG, and tell us what is your #SoJAG2014 moments?

My winner will be announced via this Wednesday!

Travel Essentials with ANMA Lifestyle +Giveaway!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I want to know how you pack. I want to know how you can still hold on to your passport kahit na you're pulling around your 50-pound luggage with you (plus your hand carry pa?). I want to know how you can pay for your airport taxes, at the same time, hold on to your ticket and not lose them with your other papers! ;p Talent yan! Haha!

 In travelling, dapat medyo may pagka OC ka. Hindi lang important documents ang dala mo, but for sure you also have cameras and other gadgets with you to document everything.

So happy to see a brand that carries travel accessories:

Never lose, fold, damage, important travel documents again:

ANMA Lifestyle also carries Jewelry Rolls:

See-Three Set for your toiletries, chargers, makeup, etcetera:

Grab Clutch iPad Case to keep your gadget:

They also have passport holders, credit card holders, luggage tags, currency card holder, and other travel must-haves. The best part? They monogram and make your travel accessories truly yours:

Where's your next destination? Giving away this Anma Lifestyle See-Three Set!

1) Simply follow Anma Lifestyle on Facebook and Instagram
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4) Comment below with your name, email, IG / Twitter ID!

Can't wait for my next (local!) destination!
For more the price and other travel-related products, check out Anma Lifestyle's Website!
Visit them at the Suelas Showroom (2F Dona Consolacion Bldg. Jupiter St. Makati) and at the Retail Lab Rockwell.

Weekend Outfit

My Mama A outfit during the Mind Museum weekend pasyal with Arnie! Nung nakita ako ni David Guison at sabi ko ok na ako sa pag iikot ikot at chill lang sa museum, sabi niya,"Naku baka pawisan ka pa!". Lol. I want to have more if this easy weekend dress in diff colors! ;p

Dress, Necklace, Bracelet - Metro Department Store | Bag - Bensimon, Common Thread | Sunglasses - Fly Shades | Loafers - Hush Puppies | Belt - Nava

Some concerns:

1) Bakit BAKIT ang traffic traffic lately? Wala na sa day, sa oras, wala nang pinipili! Bakit wala na masyadong taxi, at kung meron man, ayaw nila magpasakay kahit isang tambling lang ang destination ko? (Fort to Ayala, Bonifacio Central (yung may Jamba Juice) to SM Aura).

2) Nagsisisi na ako that I didn't watch Passion Manila!!!!:( Buti nalang may Hillsong pa this June! 

3) What's with April 5??? Lahat naka set that day, lahat ng masaya!:p What will you choose?...

a) A beach trip / music festival that I won in an online contest (free passes and accommodation with my 2 friends)

b) Closeup Forever Summer (Alesso!!!)

c) A one-day adventure trip--As in rapelling, zipline, ATV, the works!

Anyhooo, I think decided na ako sa beach trip but I just want to know what YOU will decide on kung ikaw ako. Anyway uli! Another Saturday lagare day, and although ang dami paring ganaps here and there (asa bus ako now nagbblog, actually, haha!), iba padin pag sinabing Saturday na noh?! Ang daming gagawin but deceiving na parang ang saya saya and relax parin! 

"The struggle is real,
...But so are the blessings"
Enjoy your weekend!;)

An outfit post wearing Stockton Row:

Capturing the laidback romantic allure of summers spent on the Spanish Coast, Stockton Row launches its latest seasonal collection. 

The rosary-bead inspired series takes elements from their highly sought-after debut line, Mysteries of Valencia, infused with a vibrant summer palette. Semi-precious stones and sea-inspired charms make each piece a highly covetable, endlessly stylish addition to your wardrobe.

#ComeJointheCarvan and check out Stockton Row on April 5, Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM at W17 La Fuerza Compound, 2241 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City, Philippines. There will also be other exciting participating brands!

For more info and updates:

The Caravan

Stockton Row:

There are some cool and vaguely familiar 2014 bridesmaid dress trends that promise to flatter and make every wearer look their very best. The styles offered range from the sweet and pristine dresses for a fairy-tale event, to the elegant, chic gowns that will bring sophistication and class to all in attendance. Typically the bride will select gowns that compliment her own, and that reflect the color or theme of her special day. Bridal boutiques and online sites offer tasteful, attractive dresses that are representative of new styles or that echo vintage fashions for buyers to consider. Perhaps the kindest gesture that a bride can do for those that stand up at her wedding is to choose dresses that are stylish and flattering, and that will compliment each attendant. Beautiful, contemporary styles are emerging that will not only bring out the best in the wearer, but that will also be reflected in the class and distinction of the entire wedding. Friends will all be talking about how fabulous everyone looked for years!

Some memorable dresses that are seen this spring are in colors of rich blue and vibrant orange. There are some unique soft colors being seen paired with some favorites, such as the merging of moss green and steel gray too, which brings elegance to the dress. Simple features, including short A-line dresses that are strapless or one-shoulder are both modern and timeless, which everyone enjoys wearing. Also, taupe remains a quintessential color that really facilitates the stark white gown of the bride. Many that want a bright and cheerful affair are also looking for gowns and accents in orchid.

Simple lines and basic dresses are a wonderfully practical option, particularly when purchasing gowns or dresses rather than renting them. These are the quality, cherished dresses that become a keepsake for each attendant, while also posing opportunities for wearing later on. The days of fluffy, ornate bridesmaid gowns are over; vintage styles lean toward creating a flattering profile of the wearer. Bridesmaid dresses shouldn't pose as a distraction, but rather a marriage of sorts with the bride's gown. You wouldn't want to accessorize a luxury boat with shoddy rigging and sails, so why would the bride want her attendants to look anything other than simply stunning?

Dresses make a wonderful gift for the bridesmaids, as long as they do possess style and versatility. Coordinating jewelry is another popular gift that is always in season, and that can serve double-duty for the special event, and later wear for the recipient.

Hooray for weekends! Here's something new from Pizza Hut that you might want to try with the fam or the barkada when you hit the malls.

I was able to try it with Niche, Kells, Nico, Pax, and Ava a few days ago in Pizza Hut Mega Mall:

The new Pizza Hut Stuffed Pan Pizza! Endorsed by Pacman (no less!) and the Binibining Pilipinas beauties!

With the Stuffed Pan Pizza, you can choose the kind of pizza you want to go with it! Pwedeng Hawaiian, Bacon Cheese Burger, etc... For sure naman with the crust stuffed with CREAM CHEESE and barbecue chicken, you'll also eat your pizza ng pabaliktad!

It comes in 2 sizes: Family (Php479) and Regular (Php319) -

We also had these along with 1 Family Spaghetti Carbonara, 2 Caesar Salad, 2 Regular Garlic Bread, and a pitcher of Pepsi (eto yung Stuffed Pan Feast for 6, for Php899 only)

Take home for the fam! All veggies naman ang topping, hehe.

I am sure you'll love this new variety din from Pizza Hut--ang SINFUL ng cream cheese, it's SO GOOD nalimutan kong diet nga pala ako that night, haha! ;p

Watch and drool:

Wink Introduces Revlite Laser Treatment

Friday, March 28, 2014

Ako, let down sakin whenever i see an artista, tapos fully covered ang face nya ng funda na halatang halata sa personal. Iba padin talaga pag flawless skin, to me clear skin makes you even more beautiful! Kaya ako whenever I meet people blessed with beautiful skin, kahit kakaintroduce lang samin I don't hesitate to say, "Ang ganda mo!" (Or "Ang ganda ng skin mo!") Haha, true story.:p

We all have our own skin concerns, like ako I had lakas-maka-teenager breakouts just a few years ago. I think it developed from trying all sorts of facial products ever since I started getting them for blog features. :/

So whether it's enlarged pores, pimples, scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and even pigmentations from birth marks and sun damage--Here's an interesting SOLUTION to different skin problems!

With Tita K! The event's host:

Krissy! :)

WINK Studio introduces REVLITE laser treatments, which stimulate and rejuvenate collagen in your skin with short pulses of light. With the increase in collagen, your skin gives a youthful glow, a smoother texture, and a more even skin tone. An all-in-one magic procedure!?

Not only for the face... Revlite targets the following concerns:

Complexion Correction: Evens skin tone and smoothens skin texture.
Age Retrace: Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and deeper pigmentations
Acne Erase: Fights pimples and reduces acne scars
Spot Treatment: Lightens and tightens specific areas
Wink Laser Facial: Minimize pores and light pigmentations for fairly good skin

For pigment removal and tattoo removal, Wink only works with licensed physicians to do these Doctor’s Services.

I was able to try the facial Revlite during the event, and it is actually something na sa una lang uncomfortable, but then eventually masasanay ka din even with the bzzzt! sound. Most people simply get a mild tingling sensation, similar to getting flicked by a thin rubber band. The doctor also guided me during the whole treatment, so minimal ang gulat ko! It was actually fast, and nafeel kong effective sya even for just a short session--paano pa pag maintained?

The after-effect is that the skin of my face felt tighter (road to pore-less, Koreana skin na ba to!), while to some naman pwede ding you may also feel a little sunburnt. This is normal lang daw and will subside naman in a few hours. The fine hairs on the face (vellus) will also turn white (doktora targeted my upper-lip) and shed a little because the treatment removes pigment from the hair follicles, contributing to a smoother appearance!

If hesitant ka, the procedure is actually totally safe, and doctors from Australia, Malaysia, India, China and Thailand highly recommend it for Asian skin. 

As for frequency, Laser Toning sessions typically require 6-10 sessions every 2 weeks at 20 minutes per session. Laser Facials are most effective when done weekly for an initial 8 sessions, after which maintenance is only needed every 4 weeks.

As with any other treatment, Revlite-treated skin requires a bit of maintenance but you won’t need any special creams aside from your favorite sunscreen! Individual sessions are at P7,000, while three sessions are P15,000.

Wink Laser Studio is on the third level of TriNoma Mall in Quezon City, near the Mindanao Parking and across from the Sony store. They also have a Bonifacio High Street branch. 

For your appointments and for more info, call 950.4543 or visit: website | facebook