The best bridesmaid dresses for the new season of spring weddings

Saturday, March 29, 2014

There are some cool and vaguely familiar 2014 bridesmaid dress trends that promise to flatter and make every wearer look their very best. The styles offered range from the sweet and pristine dresses for a fairy-tale event, to the elegant, chic gowns that will bring sophistication and class to all in attendance. Typically the bride will select gowns that compliment her own, and that reflect the color or theme of her special day. Bridal boutiques and online sites offer tasteful, attractive dresses that are representative of new styles or that echo vintage fashions for buyers to consider. Perhaps the kindest gesture that a bride can do for those that stand up at her wedding is to choose dresses that are stylish and flattering, and that will compliment each attendant. Beautiful, contemporary styles are emerging that will not only bring out the best in the wearer, but that will also be reflected in the class and distinction of the entire wedding. Friends will all be talking about how fabulous everyone looked for years!

Some memorable dresses that are seen this spring are in colors of rich blue and vibrant orange. There are some unique soft colors being seen paired with some favorites, such as the merging of moss green and steel gray too, which brings elegance to the dress. Simple features, including short A-line dresses that are strapless or one-shoulder are both modern and timeless, which everyone enjoys wearing. Also, taupe remains a quintessential color that really facilitates the stark white gown of the bride. Many that want a bright and cheerful affair are also looking for gowns and accents in orchid.

Simple lines and basic dresses are a wonderfully practical option, particularly when purchasing gowns or dresses rather than renting them. These are the quality, cherished dresses that become a keepsake for each attendant, while also posing opportunities for wearing later on. The days of fluffy, ornate bridesmaid gowns are over; vintage styles lean toward creating a flattering profile of the wearer. Bridesmaid dresses shouldn't pose as a distraction, but rather a marriage of sorts with the bride's gown. You wouldn't want to accessorize a luxury boat with shoddy rigging and sails, so why would the bride want her attendants to look anything other than simply stunning?

Dresses make a wonderful gift for the bridesmaids, as long as they do possess style and versatility. Coordinating jewelry is another popular gift that is always in season, and that can serve double-duty for the special event, and later wear for the recipient.

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