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Monday, April 07, 2014

Last week was a whirlwind. I don't even know how a free day can actually fit in this schedule (and a Monday pa! ;)), but I am sooo happy to have a recharge / look-back (to appreciate!) / catch-up day after a series of no-going-homes, deadlines, etcetera. It was fun, though! :) Kahapon during mass, fresh from Zambales, I still prayed for more summits and more beach trips, and even more work! 

  Top - Camaieu | Skirt - Sarah Tirona | Sneakers - Converse | Bag - Metro Department Store
Watch - Swatch | Necklace - Anagon | Rainbow Loom Bracelet - Nicola | Photos - Sarah

Still yesterday after mass (sa talk) I learned that "your name will help you know your purpose". And although I feel that hindi connected or coincidental lang (ata) these things, kagabi nacurious ako and napa-Google pako on my own name's etymology:

Ana - "upward", "again, anew", from Greek ana "up to, toward exceedingly"
Regina - from Latin, literally "queen"

I don't know what's up with the Queen. Naging favorite ko yung E-Heads song na may line na "Ikaw ang Diyos at hari ng iyong mundo", pero hari naman yun at hindi reyna, haha. Ang mas nag stick sa akin though, is that "Ana" means upward pala. And if you've read Silver Linings Playbook narin, isa ako sa nakatok on how this character fights everyday to be his best self. Personally, it will always be an inner struggle and my purpose to be better. Ikaw, what's the etymology of your name?

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