Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I wanted to wait pa sana for the photos from my MadhouseMNL family, but medyo atat na ako to post OUR photos! :) Last Saturday was indeed one of the BIGGEST Bloggers United event to date, thanks to Sunsilk. We had a bigger venue, we had food concessionaires, we had trampolines and a salon c/o Sunsilk, we had a cool Smart Lane where our celeb bloggers Divine, The Verns, Dani-Mikyle, and Laureen's booths were situated, we had bonggang prizes and program, Smart phone giveaway, and even an app challenge for all the goers with an Fuji Instax Share as grand prize!).

Anyway! The photos! Grabbed everything online, haha! :) Thanks for tagging me, friends! :)

With my Bat Girl Krissy:

Fisheye selfie near the stage!

The winner of our Cyburban app challenge!

Ahlex Luna! :) Our favorite girl! :)

Love Leeverlover's mermaid hair... and distinct IG name! ;)


My "neighbor" Alexa:

With Krissy, Alex, and Mother Earth:

Sapphi Rine! :)

Tina and Cora --beybeh! Grabe distinct talaga ng mga Twitter/IG names nyo! ;) Lakas ng recall!

Karlita Patreng! :) She's been going to BU since day 1, thank youuu! And also, fellow Thomasian ko yan! :)

Binibining Edda! :D Tama diba!? Omg I am getting good with names! :) Haha!

With Ava and Danika by the side of the stage! :)

With papi David at the Nescafe booth! :)

A big thank you to Kaloy of my Madhouse fam for this photo! I had no picture of our booth, managed by my mom (in green) and our best yayabelles Ate Ed na naka Sunsilk pink top pa talaga for the bazaar! ;)

Patty bought a dress agad agad in my stall, to wear sa event! Woot, Sunsilk pink na Anagon pa, thanks for the support!

Love that a lot really wore pink for the event! :)

Ate Jey of AA! My org sa USTe! :) She's part of the Nescafe booth, so we worked uli together! :) Thanks for bringing in so much fun activities, games, and prizes for the BU goers!

Love this collage ni Tracy kaya post ko din, hehe! Next BU my goal is to have photos taken with fellow bloggers! :) LAHAT dapat sila! ;) Hehe!


Chelsi! :)

Jenny Redublo! Thank you for always coming to our bazaars!!!

All in all, it was a grand day for BU7xSunsilk! A big thank you also to Smart for all the gimmicks and prizes and for just being part of this 7th installment! It made me look forward to BU8 more and more!

More photos from phone! :)

Ok ending on ala-Oscars speech mode haha... my love and gratitude to everyone who joined us, to my readers who I consider my friends, my family who were there kahit wala akong sabihin, to the superhardworking BU team (Kai, Jen, Kelly, Yuki, Arnie, Christine, Yana), and of course to my partner Pax who allowed me to learn and grown and shine from one BU to the next. :) Excited for BU8... But for now.... REST! ;)

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