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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello hello hello world!!! Kamusta!???

Right now, few days after Bloggers United, I am still packed with to-dos. Walang katapusan, no time to breathe. Haha joke! So we still have post-event requirements, plus I also attended some events na uli with my friends. Aside from that, may class uli ako for CraftMNL this Saturday, so moremore prepare nanaman! Hope you guys enrolled na! :)

Anyway, here's my outfit earlier. Shempre posted na agad now coz finally may OOTD na uli ako! Hahaha! Thanks Sarah for taking my photos! ;)

So the outfit is simple--I just wanted to wear lang my new Memorata by CLN heels, which I got during last weekend's BU7xSunsilk event. This brand was one of our event sponsors, and I love how generous they were last Saturday... umulan ng shuzams! In fact (naks) one of my favorite segments was the If the Shoe Fits game, na sponsored ng S&H and Memorata. Ang daaaming nanalo ng shoes!

I'd also like to highlight my white kimono, which is a Perfect Fit Shop find, another BU7xSunsilk sponsor! Ok ang cut nya kasi summer-friendly (in short, di mainit ;p), and infairness kakaiba sha sa daaami na ng kimonos sa market lately--white + not sheer + nice hippie paisley print! Ang daming nag ask kanina kung where ko sha nakuha! :)

I LOVE my giant ankh necklace! The Nine West bag and this necklace are both some of my months-ago States purchases na ngayon ko lang naisipang gamitin! New obsessions na for sure igagasgas ko nanaman sa pag gamit paulit-ulit. Wore all-black underneath para litaw na the rest of the pieces na gusto ko ihighlight. :)

Hindi ko alam saan nag simula, but may nagaganap na LOOM BANDS CRAZE sa kids this season. Epidemic level! Haha! Ang cute, may kanya kanya silang paandar, color combi, style, and even tindahan! ;p A few days ago, I feel so blessed to be contacted by a ten-year-old boy named Marty via Instagram to promote his business @theloomingorigamist. Ang cute kasi super talented ni Marty, ang complicated ng designs nya, merong mga cartoon characters pa! Haha! Basta not the usual straight looms, maiimpress ka sa skillz ng kid nato. Follow his IG! :) 

Last but not the least, gusto ko lang ishare a new campaign that I discovered out of stalking (hahaha!). Minsan pag hindi ako makasleep I am guilty of browsing Instagram as if every segundo may updates (lol). So pag wala na talagang nilalabas ang feed after several refresh, I go to some interesting people OR hashtag for me at the moment... And one night ago I discovered @glassofwhiskey or Aaron Paul's (Jesse Pinkman ng Breaking Bad, haha)....which lead me to his wife's Instagram, which also lead me to the hashtag #kindcampaign.

Ang ganda lang kasi I've always wanted to support something na may meaning sa akin. I've seen The Plump Pinay's really significant advocacy for body love and beauty in diversity, and Mother Earth's support for kids with autism. I was thinking of a cause that I want to rally in my own little spaces online to give depth and heart to all these blogging and Instagram-ing shiz. Then I came across the Kind Campaign, which is something that my hippie heart is considering to adapt and maybe even be part of someday. 

Sa blogging or fashion industry, or actually kahit saan, hindi mawawala na people get a bit snooty, or may mga bullies or lakas maka-lait (anonymous or not), mean or rude, or plain mataas lang talaga ang tingin sa sarili. I am a fan-girl din, to bloggers (Margaret Zhang!), to actors, or bands, and I know how it feels na pag nameet mo someone you look up to and then in person madidisappoint ka kasi sama ng ugali (lol). This doesn't mean you go beyond losing security or your personal space, or papa-uto ka na, but more of knowing your common courtesies. To be real, and still be friendly, polite and kind. Medyo sabog pa ako now, but I know you get the idea. :) 

Ikaw? What's your personal advocacy? :)

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  1. Waah Miss Ana!!! I super love you outfit! Bagay sa iyo to the highest level! Lovely kimono from Perfect Fit Shop! :)


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