Day 101 (and Beyond)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Ok so a few days ago, I finally ended my 100 Happy Days project. It's a mini Instagram thing lang where you have to post just 1 photo of what made you happy for that day... for 100 consecutive days. I started it when I saw this website with the challenging question "Can you be happy 100 days in a row?", AND promising a mini BOOK when you finish the hundred days. Eventually, I saw a whole lot more people doing it, and although mas imposible na yung book, I guess the good vibration spreading across my timelines is more worth it! Read how I started this here.

Anyway, this was my outfit on my 101st day... Which was also the little "celebration" day with my friend Ava (who also did the project). We started and finished at the same time, and as a fan of ceremony (and dapat lang may closure! ;p), I thought of getting together and maybe eat-out and exchange gifts just because. Actually nung end of this day, I was thinking pa of what I will post for my #100HappyDays entry, when I realized tapos na nga pala ako! In a way it was a good habit-forming activity. Simple lang sya, pero ang positive ng nabigay nya sa aking results.

Wearing my favorite uniform: Hippie all the way with Simone's Closet's lace cape, a dress from Forever 21, cute tan backpack from Suy Bags, Charlotte Russe shark's tooth necklace, and SM Parisian tasseled tan sandals!

Anyway, here's my complete #Anagon100 / #100HappyDays entry, though not in order! Just tracked them through my personal hashtag, but maybe I'll organize this soon and make my own book (will make time!). :)

 Music festivals, trips, ordinary days at home, Bloggers United, favorite people, favorite food, yoga and crossfit, MadTV tapings, club hour, me-times, crafts, etcetera etcetera. What I learned from this whole project is that you are happiness. :)

Lunch-out with Ava:

Our gifts to each other! I gave Ava a compilation of her own 100 Happy Days, and of course thank you beb for the sweet note and this framed "happy heart". :)

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  1. Awww! Love this post! Super winner talaga ng gift mo beb! Kahit marami na photos ko sa instagram, i can easily go back to my 100 happy days cos of that!:)

    Glad to see din some photos of your 100 happy days na andun ako! Proud to be a part of it!

    Cheers to more happy days ahead!


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