How to Find the Perfect Prom Dress

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Choosing the perfect prom dress isn’t just as simple as finding the one you like. It should complement your body shape, skin tone and hair color. The following tips will help you find your ideal prom dress that will also flatter your body and color.

Body Shape

• Pear Shape - For those with a pear shaped body consider a dress that has an a-line or full skirt with a fitted top. If you want to show off your curves, consider a prom dress that is a bit more fitting. 
• Hourglass Shape - The hourglass figure is typically considered the most desirable since just about all styles will complement your shape. 
• Apple Shape - Those with an apple shape generally don’t have a define waistline. Wearing a dress with an empire waist draws attention from your midsection. In addition, gowns with higher waistlines can be more comfortable. For apple shaped girls with athletic legs, consider a shorter prom dress to show them off.
• Slender - Slim figures who want to give the illusion of curves should choose a dress that draws attention to the bust line or waist. I wrap dress or one that bells out or has a belt can do just that.
• Busty - Girls on the bust side should consider prom dresses that feature a stunning neckline and full coverage. This will give you adequate support when dancing the night away with your friends. If you would rather draw attention away from your best, search for a dress with an attract hem that draws the eye away from the chest area.
• Petite - Petite girls can make themselves appear taller by showing a little leg. Long fitted gowns in a solid color, long ruffles and asymmetrical hemlines can give the illusion of height. Avoid floor length ball gowns, however, as they can overwhelm the petite frame.


Once you have the style of prom dress that matches your body type, you can start to shop by color to find the perfect dress.

• Skin Tone - If your skin has a yellowish undertone, avoid champagne or pale yellow colored dresses. For those with rosy or pink undertones, go with cool colors like purples and blues. If your undertones are red or peach, choose a warm colored dress.
• Hair Color - Like your skin tone, hair color plays a huge role in what colors you will look best in. Blondes look best in bright warm colors and blacks, while red heads look stunning in turquoise and pastels. Brunettes look good in various shades of color but will turn heads in shades of blue.

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