Fairview Terraces + Style Origin

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello Neverland! So last weekend was one of those "best event ever" held in far far away north.

Fairview Terraces invited me and ALL my blog friends to enjoy their mall for almost one full "fieldtrip-ish" day. It was also my first time there, so naexcite din ako what's there for us. 

Shuttle hits! Roadtrip via Fairview Terraces' provided van from Trinoma. It took us about an hour to get to our destination (walang palya padin ang traffic), though I was entertained by my crazy "busmates", hehe!

When we got there, lunch was served in Recipes. This is one of my favorite "top of mind" restaurants whenever I'm in Greenbelt. Everything is affordable, and they have a lot of options for vegetarians. I love their General's Tofu!

Then, we were divided into groups so we can tour different stores you'll find in Fairview Terraces. 

Our first stop was Nature Republic:

Exo Collection! Remembered my K-Pop fanatic cousin from the States:

Nature Republic is Korea's leading cosmetic brand, featuring quality beauty products made with natural ingredients.

Bambu is indeed a footwear hub, carrying our favorite shoe brands Grendha, Ipanema, Rider, and Melissa:

 My favorite online shop and bazaar brand Apartment Eight Clothing is now in Fairview Terraces! They have winner dresses, skirts, and tops that you can take to a party, and basics that you can play with for everyday wear. I love that they are also very size-friendly, and quality pa their pieces.

One brand-discovery during the tour is C'NTRO. We all know Centropelle, and this is their baby brand--featuring more trendy shoe designs like flats, loafers (my favorite), ankle strap heels, and booties. I'll go back to Fairview Terraces for C'NTRO. :)

Another favorite is CNA - Korea's No.1 Accessory Shop:

They have a collection of all things cute, and of course, KPop fans will LOVE their album, posters, pins section of all things Shinee, Big Bang, Infinite, etcetera.

We bloggers also enjoyed trying out their frames! Their accessories are all imported from Korea. :)

Chase is another blogger blockbuster while we were in Fairview Terraces. They carry clothes and other fashion items both for men and women. They even have an affordable line of swimwear!

After the tour, we all went on our own to join the "OOTD contest"--where we took our usual outfit Instagram picture in any "unique" area of the Fairview Terraces. Sayang talo ako, haha, but I had fun naman (usual linya ng talo, haha!). 

My options, haha! Thanks Tracy for being my partner, haha! Posted 2 pictures, check @anagon, hehe!

Post-shopping drama, one with the crowd. Haha:

Seriously, though, ang ganda ng Fairview Terraces noh? We need more malls that have beautiful outdoors--hindi lang for OOTD purposes, but also for families and barkadas to enjoy. 

Our meet-up point was at the activity center--another "common" area for any Ayala Mall na napuntahan ko--ATC, Glorietta, Trinoma have nice activity centers for events, playground, hangouts, etc. We had dinner, catered by TGIFridays:

And then watched the Style Origin Menswear

The Fairview Terraces mallers who watched the fashion show got a surprise:

...Hello Enchong Dee!


Enchong Dee wearing a Jeffrey Rogador shirt, I want! :p


Thank you Fairview Terraces and Ayala Malls team for being such gracious hosts! For a southerner kid like me, I found another reason to visit the great north! ;) Actually going back for Wellworth. For more info and updates, visit Fairview Terraces on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! :)

How I Met Your Mother fans, sabi nga ni Robin Sparkles: Let's go to the mall! Today! Hehe!


Your turn! Always excited to read your comments! :)