Uno de 50: Creativity, Exclusivity, and Craftsmanship

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

As someone who works for an accessories business for more than 8 years already (8 years na yon?! :)), I am seldom impressed whenever I see new jewelry or trinket shops sprout in the Metro. I feel that either I've seen this somewhere, or it's something that I can purchase in my suppliers. BUT NOT WITH UNO DE 50.

Uno de 50 is a brand founded in the late 1900s by a group of creatives who resolved to establish a brand of fashion jewellery and accessories that would break all existing moulds. They were able to establish this brand with the spirit of craftsmanship, quality, and exclusivity of design.

The brand started out with the philosophy of creating just FIFTY units of each piece, thus giving rise to its distinct brand name:

Over time, thanks to its rapid success, production increased, but Uno de 50 keeps its name as a reminder: Like the very first day, the quality and unique nature of each design are the brand's number 1 priority. 

Here are some photos I took during the launch of Uno de 50's newest Mall of Asia branch earlier:

Today, the company continues to fulfil its promise of exclusivity through its Limited Editions of 50 units that it launches with each collection. Uno de 50 pieces are created in Spain using entirely handcrafted methods, making each piece a precious keepsake and wearable art that I will be personally proud to own or give as gift to loved ones :)

Visit Uno de 50 at the SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, and SM Aura Premiere.

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  1. Mukhang Spain is invading our country again ah. First, Shana and then Uno de 50 ; p



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