8 Reasons Why You'll Love a Staycation in Luxent Hotel Timog

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Had one of the best staycation weekend at the Luxent Hotel along Timog. 
Here are my 8Bs that made this overnight stay all sorts of epic.

1) Breads
The story of the Lush Bar & Lounge's Bread Indulgence is so inspiring. After the hotel management tried a dessert buffet, a pasta buffet, and other lobby dining gimmicks, the best that got the most positive feedback is a breads station. Check out the fans lining up for these freshly baked goodies, all by Luxent Hotel's in-house baker. The price is so affordable too!

Tried all the cookies, yum! Perfect for coffee breaks with your brewed coffee or tea.

2) Bar
A beautiful lobby with a fine bar makes for a good tambayan with the gang after a long day at work. Best to experience Luxent Hotel's Lush Bar and Lounge at night, and enjoy the live band's music. But you'll also love dining in during day-time, and indulge in their yummy fruit shakes, meals, and desserts!

3) Buffet
Garden Cafe's freshly cooked dishes range from Japanese, Filipino, Italian, and American cuisines. Everything's so good! Forget your diet when you go to Luxent Hotel for food trip, I was so full wala pang dessert yun! ;p


4) Bedroom
Spacious, clean, and complete in amenities. Luxent Hotel's 4-star standards in rooms and services make it the perfect venue for your staycation.

Meet Lex and Lexy, Luxent Hotel's bear mascots! :)

The 2 day-stay with Arnie and Christine in our 16th floor suite was spent eating, catching up, and even drinking in our rooms na very classic parang-highschool overnight! I realized na we haven't been together ng ganitong kahabang time since the girls graduated and found their careers, so finally! Thank you Luxent Hotel for hosting our "slumber party". We stayed up till past 4am--nagtatakutan, aminan, chikahan, picturean, and all (wholesome) things that make overnights one of the best moments for friendships to grow. :)

5) Breakfast
Because we stayed up till wee hours of the night, we woke up almost missing our breakfast! Luxent Hotel's Garden Cafe is open from around 6am to 10am. My favorites are the eggs station and the CONGEE bar! :) The unlimited coffee was helpful for the bad case of hangover, haha.

6) Breakfast in Bed 
...Or lunch or dinner, and everything else in between! Enjoyed Luxent Hotel's very convenient room service. They have impressive HUGE servings, so perfect to share.

7) Ballrooms
 Luxent Hotel offers pillar-less and high-ceilinged Seasons Ballroom. Comprised of 4 function halls namely Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn, these elegant rooms are perfect for parties, seminars, events, etc. More information and photos here.

8) Barkada Activities
 My most favorite is Luxent Hotel's several facilities that guests can enjoy during their stay. They have a beautiful rooftop area where we had our quiet OOTD (hehe), a picture-perfect infinity pool na ang daming "sumeselfie", a kiddie pool, Aqua Trim Fitness Center, and Reluxe Spa. Actually, I'll go back here for the pool and to try their spa!


Missing my girls already! :) To more of this!
Luxent Hotel is located along Timog Avenue, South Triangle QC. 
How to commute: Ride the MRT to Quezon Avenue, and ride a tricycle near Mcdo for just 30 bucks going to Luxent Hotel. For more info and updates, visit Luxent Hotel's websitefacebooktwitterand instagram


  1. Kulit ni Liwag! Super nice hotel, will book na :)

  2. SMILING THE WHOLE TIME I WAS READING THIS!!! Namimiss ko na tooo haha thank you big sis for this fun staycation! Di magiging fun to without you and Christine! Love you!

    1. Awww grabe namiss ko uli bigla! :D Balik na tayo! Naalala ko talaga yung "stream" sa face nung gabi, hahahaha :D Miss you both! :)


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