Cole Haan Philippines Launches Lightest Shoes 'Zerogrand'

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cole Haan launched their lightest shoes yet, weighing in at less than 290 grams each, yesterday in their Rockwell branch.

By considering make, mass and motion, Cole Haan (the iconic American lifestyle footwear and accessories brand) has married centuries-old broguing details with biomechanics, modern materials and today’s manufacturing methods.
Representatives in the Philippines echoed what David Maddocks, the Chief Marketing Officer of Cole Haan in the US said about the ZeroGrand: “The outstanding thing about ZeroGrand is the fact that it is highly engineered, yet beautifully designed and crafted. Cole Haan compromised nothing. It’s stealth. It’s sleek. It’s the perfect complement to a modern, slim-cut suit—in a way that says: I mean business, but not business as usual. ”

MASS. The future is weightless; weight induces muscle fatigue but at just 290 grams, the ZeroGrand rivals footwear designed for long-distance runners. 
MAKE. The future is seamless; fewer parts mean fewer seams and the result is a natural, relaxed body in ZeroGrand that feels nearly non-existent on the foot. 
MOTION. The future is also boundless; the human foot is an elegant instrument of motion, strength, and agility and the ZeroGrand complements this by moving with graceful flexibility and luxurious cushioning that rebounds with each step.

The ZeroGrand Oxford No Stitch, PHP13,800

Check out the ZeroGrand at Cole Haan Powerplant Mall, Rockwell; Shangri-la Plaza; and at Glorietta 4. Learn more about the newest collection at and like Cole Haan on Instagram @iwearcolehaan.

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