Ellen Adarna's "Banned" Commercial?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ok, first of all guys, if you're in the office or somewhere public, turn down your gadget's volume before watching Ellen Adarna's "banned" commercial.

Honestly, I am not the biggest Ellen fan, although most of my girl friends are (hindi lang boys!). They admire her for being sobrang "hot". Siya na ata ang nauna sa abs IG posts, and very open about her boobs story. They also admire her fitness life, and for fearlessly posting "nakataob" Instagram pictures doing gymnastics slash yoga poses (by the pool, beach, or House of Pain?). Not something I like or will do, haha, but does Ellen care? Nope.

Maybe that's the thing I like about her, she just doesn't care. I think she got my attention after I watched the controversial Mo Twister "Forbidden Questions with Ellen Adarna". She is "What you see is what you get", she spoke her mind not really caring whether you will like her or hate her guts. Hindi pa-showbiz. Siguro dun siya mas naging sexy, marami naman ding ibang mas slim, well-endowed, and may abs, but Ellen has that attitude na hindi mo lang palalampasin.

  Now about the commercial! I don't know if this is really banned and if so, bakit? Siguro others will see all the licking and rubbing sexual, haha, but after finding out that the product she's endorsing (coffee) has the benefits of whitening, slimming, and cleansing... Mapapa-Aaahhhh ka nalang.

Ah kaya pala may closeup sa tuhod at tiyan--whitening and cleansing, haha!

Anyway, good coffee is still good coffee, and whether I've seen the commercial or not, I actually like 'Nice Day Coffee'. Masarap siya actually, dad and I love the taste AND benefits of the Cleanse variant. We drink coffee everyday, and diba I might as well drink the kind that has other health benefits. Sabi nga ni Ellen Adarna sa commercial: "Healthy is hot", haha!

Watch: Ellen Adarna's "banned" commercial
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