ATH or "All Things Hair" Philippines YouTube Channel Launch

Friday, September 19, 2014

Did you know that HAIR is the NUMBER 1 SEARCHED WORD in GOOGLE?
I learned about this at the ATH launch last September 18All Things Hair, the online source for hair solutions and inspiration, officially launched in the Philippines. Proudly the first in Asia, All Things Hair constantly looks at top hair-related Google searches online and responds by creating video tutorials that suit Filipinos and their hair needs. 

Contributing Editor of All Things Hair Philippines Ms. Agoo Benzon with event's host Joey Mead:

“As much as we Filipinos turn to international video bloggers for advice, with our weather, our products, our hair type and other factors affecting our hair, solutions from other countries aren’t as tailor fit for us. Hair requires a lot of personal care,” said Agoo Bengzon. 

 The venue, Green Sun Hotel in Pasong Tamo, was flocked by both men and women. Hair really is a co-ed topic!

Apples Aberin, PR Head for Unilever brands said, “At Unilever we are always looking for ways to reach out to our consumers and come up with solutions for their every problem. We feel that this NEW VIDEO PLATFORM is a really great way to do it.”

Presenting what ATH is all about! Just launched in the UK and in Canada, ATH collaborated with the top Filipino vloggers to provide unique and personalized hair advice for modern day Filipinos. Hi Angela!

“Everyday thousands of Filipinos search for hair tips, tutorials, styles and inspiration. What better way to address them than to collaborate with the world’s top vloggers and hair brands to form an online destination for hair solutions and inspirations,” said Thomas Poulain of Google Philippines. 

The faces of ATH: Dedicated to addressing hair solutions, ATH is a collaboration between Google, the world’s biggest search engine, global hair brands, Dove, TRESemme, Toni & Guy, Cream Silk, Sunsilk and Clear, and the Philippines’ top vloggers: Angela Nepomuceno, Kelly Misa, Laureen Uy, Nicole Andersson, and James and Phil Younghusband. 

Kelly Misa, Nicole Andersson, Angela Nepomuceno, and Joey Mead:

Phil and James Younghusband, Laureen Uy, and Agoo Benzon:

 An innovative solution to haircare-- is a one-stop website for us Pinoys. Aside from housing hair tips, tutorials and inspirations, ATH also recommends products, provides their information, and also enables you to purchase them on the channel. Excited to watch the tutorials of the ATH ambassadors! 

At the event, there are stations where we can interact with the ATH vloggers, and also watch and try the hairstyles at the website.

We were all given an ATH kit containing all the hair products and accessories we needed:

Of course, I went to the event to support Dove girl and my dear friend Angela Nepomuceno! Congrats on this great project! Angela is really one of the best in the country when it comes to beauty blogging. :)

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