OOTD 10.9.14

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Plaid Polo and Jeans - Uniqlo | Sweater - Zara | Shoes - Bench | Watch - TW Steel| Backpack - Victorinox | Photos - @TracyAyson

Am I in denial with the effects of this retrograde to me? 

After seeing a friend post another phase of this "unlucky" weeks till the end of the month, someone told me na dapat positive lang and wag maniwala kundi lalong maaattract ang malas. E pano kung I was trying to "stay positive" naman, but always something--parang a little glitch na makaka-affect sa whole day ko ang bigla nalang sumusulpot. Projects that were cancelled broke my heart, broken appliances at home. Also, one time this week I was having a hard time getting a cab para makahabol sa meeting na late na ako.. tapos umulan and bumaha and traffic pa! I was in a hurry, so nadulas ako sa daanan ng koche in Edsa-Magallanes that kuya and manangs had to come to my rescue coz di na ako makatayo and dumudugo na knee and hand ko! :s That was also the day na for the first time in my commuting life wala akong panyo!

Anyway, pero bakit ganun? Kahit ang saklap saklap ng mga nanyayari, I still find myself ending my day happy. Earlier in class, kahit last minute na ako nagka idea on our topic and activities--feeling ko this week's session was one of my best yet! I have the BEST set of friends, I just received good projects that swiftly replaced the nagiisang hindi natuloy, parang breakeven naman ang life sa akin. With that, sobra sobrang thankful ko padin talaga. :)

PS: Ngayon lang uli ako nagdala ng SLR...Ang linaw ng pictures, di ako sanay! Hahaha! 
PPS: Sabi ni Pax "Ikaw lang talaga ang nag eevent ng naka backpack!!!" Wahaha, sorry na, galing school! ;D


  1. Comfy outfits forevaaa!! Love your polo.

  2. First of all... Love the shoes! Oh and ingat lagi sa pag-cocommute. I'm happy na I'm not staying in Manila na so wasn't able to experience those hard rains and bad traffic. Hehe. And backpacks are awesome! Hehe! :D



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