How to fight the inner voices of doubt? #StopTheBulong

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hello guys, this is Ana Gonzales, and I am my own worst critic. 

Of course, there will be people who will doubt you. Worst, even "friends" who can't keep up, and you'll feel dyahe to grow coz it will make them feel bad. BUT the greatest enemy and the worst barrier to your goals that you'll ever encounter is still within you. Your inner voice of doubt. "What will other people think!?" is not what other people are really thinking, but what you are thinking! From something as small as having "maling hiya" to sing or dance coz you are too conscious to have a good time (ok, nilelecturean ko na sarili ko dito, lol). To the bigger things--insecurities to BE something or join something, a contest or a class, because you feel that you are not as good as them that you just let opportunities slip by.

In my case, one of the many things I can share is my dream to become a teacher. I've always wanted to become one, because I feel that my calling is to tell my story to people younger than me na kung ako kinaya ko, paano ka pa? But ako kasi yung type na dapat sure na sure ako with myself, with art or writing medyo panatag ako coz I graduated with a journalism degree, but iba pala yung marunong ka tapos ituturo mo yun, sa marunong ka talaga magturo. At iba pala ang regular teaching job to just giving once in a while seminars and talks. You are meeting them regularly, building relationships, mas challenging!

Also, I experienced a fail teaching job before, which only took me 3 days and then nag quit na ako (ng luhaan, at that!) kasi hindi ko kinaya. This experience affected my self esteem, that when I got a teaching job again last year, napaisip pa ako if kaya ko ba to. Gusto ko ba talaga to!? It wasn't the best first day, or even first month and year, but eventually, I learned from experience. And it is a big fulfilment that I am living my long-time dream to inspire.

How to fight the inner voices of doubt?

1) Believe in yourself. The first step is to always be there for yourself. Walang baback-up sayo na mas matindi pa sa sarili mo. 
2) PRACTICE. Always have that thirst to learn more! In whatever situation, being prepared will boost your self-esteem.
3) Talk about it to your closest friends and family, or the people na you know malakas ang kumpiyansa sayo. Surround yourself with people who believes in you. They will give you tips, and will always be the best life cheerleaders. 

So, two things can happen when you #StopTheBulong...

It's either you create the best moments in you life (by conquering your fears and going for what you love),
Or you can still fail, but you have in you valuable lessons from the experience AND the baon na nothing can stop you from becoming EVEN better.

Still struggling, but getting there. :)

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