Sun Cellular Call and Text International this Holiday 2014

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Just for this Christmas, allow me to make several throwbacks to December 2013, when we were able to spend the holidays with our family that we haven't seen for years. One of the best Christmases in my life, and it's making me senti!

LA with my cousins, and Rosa the sweetest dog! :)

LA with Icah and Jec, my high school kabarkadas:

Maryland RIOT with the US-based Gonzaleses! We even had a cook-off for Christmas Eve!

As much as I miss them so much, they are still a voice call away. I am glad that Sun Cellular offers several services for those who want to keep in touch with their loved ones abroad, at the best price in the market. Todo Bonding padin kami even with the time difference and great distance.

1) For relatives living in the States: Sun Call Home Call Card is packed with 35 minutes worth of IDD calls to any Sun Cellular mobile number for only $5 per card. Available in selected Seafood City supermarket branches.

2) Sun Todo IDD Tawag for as low as P2 per minute. Available in call card and load conversion.

and 3) Sun IDD for Postpaid subscribers.

Love, is indeed, greater than any distance. :) Watch this vid for heartwarming 

For more info, visit Ending this post with an update from our Gonzales FB Groups, where my even my cousins have their own phones na! :) AND ako padin asa iPad wallpaper nila, hehe.           Huhuhu.

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