Favorite Trios

Friday, January 23, 2015

They may say that "three is a crowd", but to me, I actually find myself loving several TRIOS. 

First example, I have a huge barkada in high school, composed of 16 girls I all met in a Catholic all-girls school, but I am fond of my micro-clique that I always enjoy traveling with because they are chill, crazy and laugh trip. Photos from our Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Vietnam trips.

Zambales roadtrip last summer. Hope we can have more this year!

Number 2 trio-love is no other than the boy who live's barkada. I can't picture high school and college without the books and movies with Harry, Hermione, and Ron. They were my friendship goals! ;)

My current trio obsession is no other than the mighty clique of TSwift, Lorde, and Selena, such a power-cast barkada! I love seeing famous people with their own closest friends, supporting each other in their own fields or genre.

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