Thursday, January 22, 2015

I don't know why some people fear aging or find insult when I blurt out their actual age, I actually find it a privilege as you get older--like an invisible badge of honor. Getting a year older means you're a whole-year worth wiser, you are backed with experience. Anyway, I used to be panicky come January, and so I would plan something HUGE for my birthday to just drown all the anxieties from building up. I have to look forward to something, be excited for something. I'll have all sorts of painom, staycations, and birthday salubong to make me feel loved. I enjoyed them all immensely, but my prayers then was to give me content. To find peace and even happiness in staying put, to have lesser expectations, and actually be excited for my birthday just because it's my birthday! Anyway, I think my prayers were answered this year, coz I woke up January 20 with a still heart and peace of mind. I didn't even stayed up the night before to wait for 12 midnight!

Sumobra naman ata na wala akong plano (haha), that the night before my birthday na when I decided to book in a hotel near our house in Alabang (thank you Ava and Arnie for the idea!). I stayed in the artsy new hotel Azumi in Madrigal Street, where my plan was to just relax, blog in a different venue (haha), swim, and eat good food in the nearby mall. 

We were leaving the house when a delivery guy came with this! Thank you SM Accessories, dinala na ni mom sa hotel para daw may "cake" nako, lol.

I actually love Azumi for being such a visual treat. I like the gray walls of the rooms and the lobby, and all the (fake) grass accents from the pool area to the elevator. I like everything, and wish my future house to be like this, haha!

Here's where my mom and I stayed for the most part of our staycation. It was windy, but the water felt pleasant. I love the view the most, parang out-of-town nadin ako. And of course, solo ko ang pool so selfie pa more! ;p

Dinner at the Bulgogi Brothers in ATC, because I was craving for Shabu-Shabu!

That night, we just stayed in our room and watched post-Pope visit features. We woke up early so dad can bring ate and Cea to work, while mom brought breakfast which we also ate in the room narin. Before we knew it, it was time for check out na.

It was a quiet celebration, but my heart is full so I appreciate every inch of it. I still have birthday wishes (one of which came true a day before when I saw Pope Francis in NAIA Road), but nothing I can't live without. Will strive to level-up, be more stable, and be happy in the process on my 29th year. Thanks everyone, especially the long time readers, for sticking with me throughout these years. :)


  1. Happy birthday! My husband also celebrated his birthday on the 20th, although he turned 32. God bless!

    1. Happy birthday to your husband!!! God bless you both, and thank you! :)

  2. Happy gift of life. God bless you more! :)


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