Thursday, January 15, 2015

Top and Skirt - Forever 21
Socks - Giordano
Bag - SM Parisian
Shoes - Topshop
Photos - @paultheprguy

Please do take notice of my socks! Haha! Not only are they gray, they're also slouched. Kind of reminiscent of how we used to do it back in St. Scho. White Marks & Spencer-version worn with a pair of black DMs (Mary Jane style) while lugging a Jansport backpack (worn, of course, only on one shoulder), these were the definition of cool during my childhood! Lol. The whole look is comfortable and school-appropriate, even my quilted square bag from SM Parisian reminds me of good ol' lunch boxes.

Also, I had a haircut / color makeover (I wonder if it's obvious!), and I finally had the chance to go out and attend an event after days of hibernation and vacation mode. Parang first day of school, hehe! But before that...

Met up with Christine, the girl with the mostcrazy life right now, for lunch and errands in Makati. We often catch up naman via our barkada Viber group, but it still felt nice to meet up and catch up in person!

So my first event of the year was for the brand Boardwalk, and because I wasn't expecting anyone, got extra-excited when my blog bff Paul showed up! We laughed over little things, took OOTDs (the rooftop!), and also shared our new year goals.

Last but not the least for that day that turned into mini-reunions was a dinner with Arnie. She was so kind to fetch me pa from Luxent Hotel (the event's venue) where we had coffee muna, and then moved to a nearby place where my favorite vegetarian restaurant Wabi-Sabi opened a new branch. Woot!

Months ago, I brought Arnie na in Wabi-Sabi at The Collective Malugay after she attended one of my CraftMNL wire jewellery classes. She wasn't into veggies, but she LOVED Wabi-Sabi's selections lalo na the siomai. When I entered this new restaurant, it felt like home! Even the ate by the counter was the same so I greeted her and congratulated her with "Aba andito na pala kayo!". Hahaha parang close!

I think I over-ordered out of excitement, pero naubos ko naman lahat nyan so di nako pa-demure! Haha! They even have new dishes like the flavored rice, topped with yummy nori strips. :p

Out of curiosity (and ang dami ko lang talagang time, haha), I searched online for the meaning of Wabi-Sabi. According to Wikipedia, derived from a Buddhist teaching, it "represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection." I was wondering why they named their restaurant after imperfection, though I like that Wikipedia didn't leave out the word acceptance. It's kind of like that key that perfectly filled in the knob's hole that turned everything more sensible and even, if I dare say, beautiful.

Acceptance of the transience. Acceptance of what is brief, temporary, fleeting... hay, Wabi-Sabi, such is with life. 

Five days till my birthday! :)


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    1. Thank you Karl!!! Wahhh, love the Olsen Twins forever!!! <3

  2. Ang saya ng mini reunions!! Kailan kaya makukumpleto? Hahaha! And OMG slouched socks!!!! TBT ito! Love it! Love Luxent! haha


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