Oh, Love!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hello world! Here's a page from Shel Silverstein's The Missing Piece Meets the Big O. Feel ko dito nainspire yung That Thing Called Tadhana. :) Find out what happened to the whole story HERE.

I now know myself enough to say that, maybe all these years I wasn't really ready for love. And so now, I am actually grateful to be single and happy. I know that the wait is a big test of patience level, but it DISCIPLINES me, it allows this space that I don't think I'll gain if not for being alone for a long time, and of course it gave me the chance to actually focus my time and energy to things that matter most especially when I am already in a relationship. I am glad that I will get to be at my best in my different passions first, coz I know that when love comes, it will be hard to not make it a priority. And so, thank you waiting game! Thank you rejections! Thank you false alarms! LOL. And of course, thank you to the tedious but worth it process of being whole!

To rolling alone, and then rolling side-by-side with my future love.
Happy Valentine's Day to all my cheesy homies out there! :)

PS: Yesterday, I voiced out my stand against the painting of Bench's Guadalupe billboard featuring Vince and Nino. I cannot understand why, but they (cheaply) covered the couple's holding hands with black paint because "it's too gay". I believe that a person can love another person, period. Plain and simple. Please don't censor love. We just love who we love, is this really too hard to understand?

#PaintTheirHandsBack #LoveAllKindsOfLove

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