Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Black Long Blazer - Zalora
Snakeskin Tent Dress - Simones Closet
Backpack - HM
Footwear - Birkenstock
Photos - @christineliwag

Now that school has ended, I am planning to go back to school myself. There are so many options, so little time (and money, lol), but here are some of my top-of-mind activities:

1) Take Makeup Classes. I enjoy watching makeup demos on Youtube (Xteener!!!), and thought that why not level things up by taking an actual, face-to-face lesson? Not sure if it's a career for me, but it's worth the try kahit pansarili lang muna. 

2) Driving lessons. Loooong overdue skill that I have to learn! My goal is to not be a commuter na next year. Pressure, but practical! 

3) Designing School. I realized that I have been putting this on-hold for a long time already. Before Anagon, I really wanted to create clothes. But because of money constraints then, I thought that I can start small muna by focusing on accessories. Baka ngayon it's time na to go for my actual dream!

4) Been seeing lots of writing workshops for Young Adult novel in my FB feed the past days, including from my author (naks) friend @krissyfied! This will also put my Journalism degree to use. 

5) Other random art classes?

School tips!? Anyway, summer is really really here, noh? I've been checking my Accuweather app for the past days, hoping for a little cool weather, or even rain, but all in vain. The coming days are dry and hot! :p I have to do without the blazer during my commutes, and look for other clothes during the SuperSale Bazaar that are nice even without too much layers (huhu, I'll miss layering!). Anyway, I hoarded from Simone's Closet's boho pieces last weekend. They carry a lot of cool stuff like fringe shirts, thin lace capes, off-shoulders (my summer uniform because I don't do sleeveless, hehe), and tent dresses like this! You have to check their Facebook page

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