WHAT APP: Still PicsArt!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hello world! 

I received some inquiries when I started to post like this to promote posters on Instagram, so isheshare ko nadin here how I create the "invisible poster"! Para next time you want to promote something pero OC ka padin sa IG feed mo (hehe), you don't have to "post a poster" as is.

 This one's easy! It's still... PICSART! Haha! I use this app for almost ALL my photo editing. Para siyang photoshop in your mobile phone, very convenient. So the next time you see me post weird edits, you know I'm using 99%-sure PicsArt app!

So first, of course, is to take a photo of your hand as if you're holding up a poster na talaga. Awkward! Hehe! I tried this din with "pinching fingers", pero challenge at hindi ko mainsert yung invisible poster in between the fingers, so mas effective padin yung ganyan lang:

Edit the photo in PicsArt (square, brightness, etcetera), and then just choose Add Photo and click on the poster you want to "hold" in the photo:

Ayan! Ganyan na katagal dapat tong tutorial, panahon pa ng SuperSale, hehe.

Rotate and resize, till picture realistically fits your palm. Hehe.

THEN! This is where the magic comes in, hoho. Just choose the Normal option at the bottom right of the app, and then it will show you different effects you can apply to the added photo. Experiment, but most prob the effect that gave this style is either Mutliply or Overlay. Try and try nalang. :)

This one is with Multiply effect:

Finally, try different filters via PicsArt's FX, or just save and edit on your preferred photo editing apps.

That's it! Also, it's a cool way to promote your Instagram on your Twitter or Facebook page, parang ganito... Screencap lang your page:

And then... "Hi guys! Follow me on Instagram @anagon! If you're able to come up with your invisible posters, tag me and #whatapppo! :D" Lol.

Other samples:

Enjoy! Follow me on Instagram @anagon!
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  1. thanks Ana - will definitely try it! And I love this new #WhatAppPo posts - learn something new :)

  2. really cute! I have this app and I haven't gotten around to playing with its features. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. tumetechy ka sis ha hehehe.. i always use picsart but never thought of doing this.. :) iba talaga pag artist.. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Yehey! Share your outputs when you post them a! :) #whatapppo

  5. I love picsart! dami pwedeng gawin using mobile :D

    1. That's true! Experiment lang ng experiment! :) <3

  6. Yun naman pala e antagal ko tong hinintay hahaha :) thanks for sharing Ana babe


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