Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 17, Holiday Inn Poolside

Black Dress - SM Woman
Bag and Shoes - SM Parisian (check their new collection here)
Photos - @sarahtirona

Sometimes, when you least expect it, I can go pa-chic and girly. In fact, I think I picked a lot of black dresses during the first SM Ladies' Night, and this is just one of them! It is a comfortable and light SM Woman piece, perfect for summer kahit black siya. The high-low effect is a plus. I wore this during the Laura Mercier Summer in Ibiza launch.

I'm planning to have a summer hair makeover, and wondering if curls will suit my hair length? Or magiging poodle-y siya? Hehe. This is one of those moments I am itching for change!

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