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Friday, April 03, 2015

About a month and a Samsung S5 ago (lol), I find myself answering a video interview with fellow bloggers on "what is a woman" which required us fast, single-word answer. A woman is compassionate. A woman is strong.

Me: "A woman is fearless."

In time for International Women's Day, we ended a 3-day action-filled Roxy Outdoor Fitness Girls Camp. Also, I am happy to have shared new experiences with old friends Pax and Tracy, and meet new girl friends KC, Camille, and Laureen.

Last March 6-8, Roxy Philippines held their very first Outdoor Fitness Camp in Crystal Beach Resort Zambales. The event was just in time to kick-off Summer 2015. One of the first things that I asked when I got invited was "What is a Roxy girl?". It was also my way to express na "Hindi ako surfer ha" so that they won't expect me to glide through the activities smoothly. "Hindi po ako sporty!" Lol. But I got the best answer from Roxy's Chinky De Guzman:

"A Roxy girl is not necessarily a surfer. She is an adventurer, someone who is passionate about life. That is why, unlike our past summer events that only involved surf lessons, this year we aimed for an over-all outdoor camp with variety of activities for our all-girls participants." In short, dapat game ka lang!

Along with fellow bloggers Aisa Ipac, Tracy Ayson, Camille Co, and Laureen Uy, we were also with the 7 fun-loving Roxy campers. Here are some of the activities during the fun weekend:

We already had a pre-camp shopping in Roxy Shangri-La Mall, but when I entered our resort's room, may pangkabuhayan showcase pa sa kami sa kama namin! Thank you!

Poi 101 with Planet Zips. Ang saya nito, exercise while having fun!

Ukulele lessons with Ukulele Manila. My long time frustration, ang sarap niyang aralin! Was able to play a few songs during the class (I'm Yours para maiba! :D Hehe!).

 I also enjoyed our chiiiill night activities. First night, we watched the movie Pitch Perfect by the sea shore complete with popcorn and other munchies! And then the other night we had a bonfire bonding with drinks and ukulele music! :)

During our last night, we also danced Zumba! Pawis na pawis, and even though I don't dance nag enjoy ako!

 We also had boodle fight during our last night. Super yummy yung salted egg. :p

Because I love yoga, I woke up early to try the Yin Yoga by the beach. It was fun and relaxing, and I learned new concepts from our teacher during the short session.

Beach-side hangouts. :)

Although I was ready to say no, we unexpectedly decided to participate in the exciting and adrenaline rush Boot Camp nung last minute. I was partnered with Pax so go go go nalang! We were leading for some time, pero sayang naunahan! We finished 4th, which wasn't so bad for girls who have no daily physical routines, haha.

Benta ang photos! Haha!

Nakakatawa tong piring game. Para marinig ko si Pax, sabi niya mag becky linggo daw siya like Gora! Hahaha.

Burpees sa sand pa more! :D

Group pic after everyone finished! 

We also played with the surfboards, and dahil walang alon paddle-paddle nalang. This was the time na overheat my S5, huhu. Anyway, a big THANK YOU to KC of Roxy Philippines and Tracy for the photos I used in this post! :)

Here's what I learned from the 3-day camp: YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE GOOD TO START ANYTHING. You just have to be game (or "G!" in Pax's terminology, hehehe). I think getting older gave me the privilege to go about life one mistake after another without taking things too seriously. I learn from them, enjoy the process, and just be there and do it! 

Eventually, whether I finish first or last, to me what is more valuable is that I finished it. This turns me into a stronger and better person, someone who is loaded with more stories to tell. I am also always excited for what life has in stored for me. This makes me a proud Roxy girl: for being WILLING to get lost just to discover life's offerings beyond what is spoon-fed to me. In short, fearless!

Now that it's summer, there's no season more appropriate for adventures than NOW. Go for it, and then tell me your stories later. I am excited to hear them! :)

Loving Lost and Roxy Ready,

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