My 2015 Vios Cup Cebu Experience

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 16 - 17, South Road Properties, Cebu City

For the first time in my blogging life (I think!), allow me to talk about cars.

I'm not the person you can talk to for car recommendations, car parts, etcetera. As the "Fashionista Commuter", I've loosely allowed myself to skip my 20-something without learning how to drive (but I do know how to fearlessly commute around the metro, north to south!), and now I am regretting it a bit. But I do love sports and competition. I've written for the SEA Games back in college, assigned to a sport (table tennis) I don't know a thing about then, but came to love by the end of the writing stint. I have watched countless UAAP basketball games because I love the thrill that comes to having a team and watching them win. And on bad days, maybe even cursing and crying with them, hehe.

So that's why I was there in Cebu two weeks ago, watching cars overtake each other - I was there for the thrill.

Waku-doki - A Japanese word, used to describe the intense feeling of anticipation, excitement, and adrenaline rush, when you are about to do something exciting!

The 2015 Vios Cup Cebu was held for 2 days at the South Road Properties, the first was for Qualifiers and Practice, and then the actual competition.

People, young and old, went to the event. It was open for all, and the Cebuanos and Cebuanas were up for an exciting day!

Sarah talking to the Toyota Auto Club Philippines. They are super nice, and even gave us caps and umbrellas. It was super hot that day!

My race buddy, Sarah! We were thinking if they'll lend us a car during the trip, she'll teach me daw how to drive hehehe.

South Road Property (SRP) was a perfect venue for the Toyota Vios Cup. Everything's organized and complete (with the cleanest cubicles I've ever seen, haha). The seaside view, the 1.6km street tracks, the dusty roads and a few sharp corners added impact to the action-packed race. 

The event was made possible by Bridgestone and Rotam in association with Motul, TRD, Brembo, Super Shuttle, Roro Denso, AVT, OMP, and Tuason Racing.  

Hello ladies! Nakakatawa, during the program where they called all the racers one by one to the stage, SamYG entered with the Toyota Girls BNO Yeah Men! Style! Hehe.

We took pictures of the qualifying and practice from the bleachers.

But for the most part, we watched the action inside a VIP tent complete with comfortable seats, air conditioner, unlimited food, and an LED TV - complete with score updates and insightful race commentaries c/o automobile journalist James Deakin.

Event's host James Deakin of really made the whole race interesting to watch. His point-by-point thoughts made me understand the whole Vios Cup beyond knowing whose car overtook the rest.

Here are more photos from the race - with 44 total drivers, 6 of whom are up-and-coming Cebuano racers, plus celebrities to add to the event's frenzy!

JV Ejercito

Audience were also given the chance to witness a drift exhibition by Japanese Drift King Keichi Tsuchiya (seen with a cameo role in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift), with exclusive shotgun rides for lucky guests. Swerte di ako informed!

It was a full-day race, featuring two categories: 2 rounds for the promotional (celebrities) and 2 rounds for sporting class, both with 12 laps to finish.

After the race, and before the official announcement of winners, guests were treated with party music by DJ Mars Miranda.

Even the celebrities and racers enjoyed themselves backstage, much-deserved after their hardwork!

And then finally, sundown, the announcement of winners! But first they recognized onstage the celebrities who participated in the cup, it was a star-studded event!

Actor Derek Ramsey, who is already known to be into sports and competitions. Derek finished 3rd and 2nd during the Promotional Class.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith, who finished 7th during the qualifying round! Although she blew up an engine during the race, Jasmine was an inspiration to me especially after learning that it was her first time to join a race, and prior Vios Cup she doesn't even drive manual!

The gwapo Brazilian-Japanese model Fabio Ide, who finished 13th and 14th.

Sports host Jinno Rufino:

The cute actress Kylie Padilla, daughter of Robin Padilla.

The Phenomenal Phoemela Baranda, who won the title for Best Female Celebrity Driver.

And Sam YG, who finished first in both Promotional Rounds, and hailed Best Male Celebrity Driver.

For the Sporting Class, Heat 1 and Heat 2 were topped by Andres Calma, making him win the following awards: Driver of the Day, Best Qualifying, and Fastest Lap. He took home trophies and cash prizes! Daniel Miranda and Bobby Domingo won 2nd and 3rd respectively for the Sporting Class Heat 1, while Daniel Miranda and Allan Uy were 2nd and 3rd for Heat 2. Actor Dominic Ochoa, who raced with the Sporting Class and not with the celebs, bagged the 4th place which wasn't so bad!

The ceremony ended with beer splashing, selfies, and an after-party with DJ Mars Miranda! Congratulations to all the racers, and to the organizers of the Toyota Vios Cup Cebu for a successful event at the Queen City of the South! Watching bumpers flying, loud bangs and rattles, and sharp turns was a waku-doki experience even for non-drivers like me! Seriously, now I want my own car and drive manual ala Jasmine Curtis! Hehe!

As Raymond Rodriguez, first vice-president of Toyota Motors Philippines, said: "This event is catered to just about anyone. The Vios Cup has been designed for non-professionals making it a platform even for first-time racers.... We at Toyota believe that Motor Sports is not only for the affluent motoring enthusiasts but a sport that is for anyone to appreciate and enjoy."


Read more about my Cebu adventures HERE
Special thanks to Toyota Philippines for having us, and to the DMG group for taking care of us!

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