Monday, June 08, 2015

June 2, Le Petit Souffle, Century Mall

n. 1. the time a person has to himself or herself, in which to do something for his or her own enjoyment. (source)

I realized that "Me-Time" does not necessarily mean totally isolating myself from people, most especially my friends. It is finding the right balance in going out and staying in, considering what my inner voice is telling you to do that day. I find pleasure in several things, and that includes watching a movie alone to waste hours for a late call-time, dining alone in a favorite restaurant where I order the same thing in every visit, reading / online stalking / watching a new series via iFlix while in bed, before sleeping. But there will be days that I just need to go out, not for a meeting or an event, but to hangout with my friends and talk over things ranging from nonsensical to meaningful topics, it depends on our current mood. 

Last Tuesday, a few days prior the chaos that is Bloggers United, my friends and I conveniently set a dinner on the same day at the Century Mall's Le Petit Souffle. And even though Paul, Tracy, Pax and I all had our own hefty "busy-ness" excuse stuffed in our pockets, we surprised each other by showing up! I LOVE Le Petit Souffle's food, the mushrooms appetizer is THE BEST! We also enjoyed the huge jar of flavored yakult drink, and of course the restaurant is VERY Instagram worthy! But the best part is being with my friends. Finally, a time to talk about different things other than BU, work, or brands! It was all light and good vibes the whole night, so I guess I can say that it was also a "Me-Time" for me, because I did something for my own personal enjoyment? :) 


  1. Waaah ang sarap naman tingnan nung food!!!!


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