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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Down to my last Japanagon post (I will miss this!).

Ate and I spent barely 3 days in Tokyo. It was just an impulsive decision, when our game plan was just to go to Harry Potter World in Osaka (that's why half of the 12-day trip was spent in that city). Anyway, if ever I'll be going back to Japan, I'll stay in Tokyo and explore it more. These were the other places we've been to while in Japan's capital and largest city:


If you are into branded clothes shopping, Ginza is the place to be! The HUGE building above is actually not a mall, but a store dedicated solely to my favorite brand Uniqlo! Parang Uniqlo museum sa laki!

Ginza is a long street popular for luxurious, upscale shopping. An interesting time to be in the district is during the weekends, from 12pm to 5pm, as they close the main road for vehicles and allowing people to walk freely. They call this the "Hokoten" or "pedestrian heaven". Something to experience on my next Tokyo visit.

My new brand discovery: GU! A sister company of Uniqlo, this brand sells basic pieces at much affordable price tags! I hoarded their casual midi skirts. :p

Between the fashion stores, I discovered the fun Hakuhinkan Toy Park - a 4-storey toy store in Ginza! There are a lot of Sailor Moon and Studio Ghibli items inside, and even saw cute Japanese backpacks but are so expensive!

We went to Ginza 2 times: one on a quick trip before my Ghibli Museum trip, and also on our last day in Japan. During the last day, Ate and I separated for a few hours to shop and explore on our own. I entered the giant Zara store, GU, the toy park, and ended with a cake + coffee break at a corner busy coffee shop called Le Cafe Doutor. 

I sat outside to people watch, but mostly just to absorb and feel grateful for everything I experienced from this whole trip.


Odaiba is an "artificial island" in Tokyo that features hypermodern buildings, entertainment, and shopping destinations. To get there, we rode a driverless train that crossed the popular Rainbow Bridge - with a beautiful view of the Tokyo bay.

The Fuji TV headquarters:

Aqua City - a shopping mall:

A replica of the Statue of Liberty with the Rainbow Bridge. This Statue of Liberty has little to do with the original in New York, but a replica of the one that was in Odaiba from 1998 to 1999 to celebrate Japan's ties with France.

A life-sized Gundam statue in front of the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza:

I remembered feeling chilly in this area because it is surrounded by waters and required a lot of outdoor walks. Place is really clean and beautiful, it will take you only half a day to explore Odaiba so it's worth the quick trip.


Shibuya is a known shopping district and major nightlife area in Japan. It also has one of Tokyo's busiest railway stations, and the famous large intersection in front of the Hachiko Station Exit. Thousands of pedestrians cross these streets everyday, and has now become a popular landmark while in Tokyo - tourists even take photos of themselves while crossing!

Her second time there, Ate knows where to get the best view to watch the tiny people brisk walking across the Shibuya intersection when the traffic light turns red:

Another "attraction" in Shibuya is Hachiko's statue! People, young and old, take turns to have their photos taken with the dog whose story of love and loyalty broke hearts of millions. Mine included!

Dream come true!

Right in front of the statue is a "train" - showing how Hachi waited for his owner Ueno to come home from work, and patiently stayed there for 9 years to wait everyday even after the man's death (cries).

Inside this makeshift train are photos of Hachi, and several guides for Shibuya tourists. They also provided resting areas and free wifi.

With my Ate's research, we were also able to visit the fairly new Hachiko statue where the Akita is finally reunited with his owner (louder sobs!). 

This is located inside the University of Tokyo - where Ueno worked as a professor. From the movie, it was also where Ueno collapsed in the middle of one of his lectures.

But finally, they are united! Yehey! Getting there was easy, even going inside the university was fuss-free when you tell the guards you're just there to see Hachi. Aww!


So that's it! My Japan blog series was really long but I hope you had a glimpse of how I've seen the country during our short stay there. Just want to share my last photo in the city, during our shuttle ride to the airport, and when Ate and I saw a rainbow before we flew back to Manila. :) 

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Excited na ako for my next trip tomorrow! :)

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