Keeks' Day Out!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Hi guys! Meet Keeks, the Gonzales' favorite dog. :)

When my Ting was still here, I seldom visit Keeks in his station. They are our resident guard dogs-slash-furry friends, but the household seems to be more fond of Keeks. So I always go to Ting to pat her and play with her because I had always been one to root for the underdog (pun intended, lol). Anyway, aside from keeping our family and our house feel safer and secured, our pets are our family.

When Ting passed away just a few months ago, my dog-lover heart can't help but get even closer with Keeks. Hindi ko naman kaya na I won't have a dog forever. True enough, my weeping heart recovered from losing Ting by spending more time with adorable, playful, and loveable Keeks.

I think it was the first time ever that a dog that we owned went on a day-out! Aside from vet visits, eto na ang pinaka malayo from Alabang that we brought our pet! I had Mom and Dad's support on this event since I'll need a car. The whole time, Keeks was just staring out the window, or kinakalabit niya ako from the back! Super excited siya and hyper, he never slept during the whole 2-hour ride!

Me: "Keeks, eto ang Makati! Dito nag wowork sila Ate and Ate Cea."
Keeks: "Wow! Cool!" Hehe.

When we arrived in The Purple Groom, California Garden Square in Boni, hilo na si Keeks. He was uneasy in the new environment, but he was also super excited!

Keeks: "Ate, super cute nila!" :)

The Purple Groom offers no-frills complete grooming package for your pets. What I like about this pet grooming parlor is the service. The groomers are all certified licensed dog handlers, they took care of all the cats and dogs perfectly during the event! Keeks is not used to this environment, but I saw how they properly took care of him and made him even cuter! THANK YOU!

The Purple Groom also sells several quality pet needs, like food, toys, shampoo, accessories, and a whole lot more.

This section caught my eyes and interest:

Pet Angel is a grooming, fur detangling brush suitable for most pets. It has patented undulating bristles to firmly but gently brush wet or dry coats. It also has anti-bacterial additives in its bristles, to kill 99.9% of bacteria from cats and dogs. Very hygienic and safe for Keeks and for other pets.

While Keeks waited for his turn at The Purple Groom, I left him muna for my own "grooming", hehe. It was a photo shoot, and I'm glad that even though I looked haggard that day, the team of Inglot Cosmetics Philippines came to the rescue!

Here are some BTS photos of the shoot! All the dogs look soooo cute! 

And of course, me and my furry friend! I am bias, of course, but I think Keeks did a really good job and had the widest, sincere, and very happy smile!

Yep, terno kami talaga ni Keeks that day. :) Hihi!

OOTDs are super different with your pet, you have to control them from running away, or from getting scared from the camera's flash. Keeks was a good boy, although lakad siya ng lakad, haha! Hindi halata sa pictures, thank you to the cool photographer Mark Alvarez for your patience and talent! :)

Keeks: "Is that me!?" Hehe, cute.

Here are some of the cutie pets I met that day! 

Trice and Seph with Patani:

And of course, me and Keeks. :)

Keeks is a natural charmer, hihi!

Brushing Keeks' fur in between takes, using a Pet Angel brush:

We left the event super exhausted, and it was raining super hard. But Keeks was super happy, so I am happy!

Thank you so much to Pet Angel and Purple Groom for this experience! Definitely this will go to Keeks' "Core Memories" (hehe, Inside Out reference!). Thank you also to Marj Sia for the patience and for the invitation, to Inglot Cosmetics Philippines for my flawless makeup, and of course to Mark Alvarez for Keeks' beautiful photos. My sisters were jealous! Papaprint ko to ng malaki! Hehe!

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  1. Aww..thanks for including me and Epsilon in your post <3 Wish we could have more events like this, or play time with all the doggies :) Hello, Keeks!

    1. Yehey true! :D Cute ni Epsilon hehe :) Want to meet Meerkat din, hehe :)


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