Me-Time At Cedar Salon

Sunday, September 27, 2015

There will be days, right? When you just want to dedicate a few hours all to yourself. It was one of those days when I went to Cedar Salon in San Juan, around 2 or so weeks ago. I had no plans of changing my look (although this is also very much welcome in Cedar), I just want plain, good, pampering service.

Cedar Salon is a fairly new, all-around salon located in Wilson St., San Juan. Their lineup of services is extensive, you can go there and have your haircut, hair color, or treatment... While having your nails done. Here's the complete menu:

Like a boss, haha. Sorry ang siga. :p

Cedar Salon uses Schwarzkopf hair products like these, which helps smoothen and hydrate your locks. Took home the BC Smooth Perfect shampoo and conditioner, both promising up to 4 days of anti-frizz, woot!

Fooling around while waiting for my turn, haha hi Sarah!

The beautiful Rhea:

My seatmate Rochelle:

Hello Sarah! Hehehe, new hair color for her:

Tracy getting highlights, while I had manicure and pedicure with my hair treatment.

Nothing extra special, I just want clean, short nails for that day, hehe.

Thank you Cedar Salon team for taking care of me and my blog friends that day. :) Love my perfect hair. :)

I was into "simple girl" look the past months. I'll try to change naman my look next time, in time for the holidays. Exciting times! I am open for your suggestions. 

But for now, super happy with the services I had with Cedar Salon! :)

 If you're near San Juan, try Cedar Salon by visiting them at 200A Wilson Street. 
Like them on FACEBOOK for more information. 

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