PayMaya: A Reloadable VISA Credit Card

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

I have a confession, I never had a credit card.

I was born with a mindset that the plastic is evil, it will only cause me to drown in debts. But now at my late 20s, and traveling and online shopping are now a thing, I find it harder to keep up with the times lacking this mode of payment. There's bank deposit, which is a hassle with the long lines, or Paypal, which is not available all the time in this country.

Thank God, and why only now, I was introduced to PayMaya.

I attended the preview of PayMaya in Vyne Tapas Bar & Restaurant last August 24. With my fellow blogger Yuki, along with Patrick Zulueta of PayMaya Philippines:

Some major points about PayMaya vs Credit Cards:

Credit cards are hard to acquire with all the paperworks and fees. Meanwhile, PayMaya is a free app that you can download via App Store and Google Play Store anytime you want.

Credit card is the cause of impulsive "swipes", while PayMaya is a reloadable Visa credit card. Meaning, you're still using your existing money ala debit card, but it is a credit card that you can use when purchasing in online shops like ZALORA, booking concert tickets and flights, and yes, even with UBER!

Yours truly, trying to purchase clothes from ZALORA with PayMaya.

I love ZALORA's own label, and their items from Something Borrowed, Mango, and of course, Nike! I always have items from these brands in my Zalora App wishlist, hehe.

Checkout, and choose the Credit / Debit Card option.

The pretty Bea Benedicto as the event's host:

Hi Bea! :)

Other Facts:

There are several ways you can reload (or "top") you PayMaya account: through SM and Robinson's Business Center this October, and at 7-Eleven, MiniStop, Smart Padala Center, and through ATM online banking services in the future.

When you sign up with PayMaya, you will get two cards: a virtual card in your phone when you shop online, and a physical card when you shop in stores.

Sir Manny Pangilinan of Smart Communications was also there during the press preview. PayMaya is in partnership with trusted companies Smart eMoney and Voyager Innovations.

Paolo Azzola, Chief Operating Officer of PayMaya:

Edmon Joson demonstrates to us how this virtual credit card works. For more information, check out PayMaya FAQs HERE.

More photos during the event:

Excited yet? Here are the steps on acquiring your own PayMaya!

To activate your card:

I was in the event, so I'm lucky to have received my physical credit card there. Will update this once I learn how you can acquire the card version of your PayMaya.

Make online shopping a breeze with your own PayMaya account, minus the hassles of a credit card. Download the app now. :)

Yehey! Here are the items I bought from ZALORA with my PayMaya! 

I had to wear my Nike Avant Move Mezzo Training Capri Pants right away! Hehe, the long blazer is also from Zalora.

Thank you Zalora and PayMaya for the easy shopping experience!
For more information, like PayMaya on FACEBOOK or visit


  1. Nice and very articulate post! However, it's a reloadable Visa Debit Card, not a credit card. You have to put money in it before you can use it unlike a credit card wherein it will allow you to buy something out of credit. Thanks Ana! :)

  2. Have you use it with paypal??? coz most online stores need paypal. its useless not with Paypal..

  3. PayMaya is tied up with Paypal. So you can link it to your paypal account to use to fund your transactions. Tried and tested. :)

    1. how did you verify the card for paypal? pls help

  4. how to verify paypal using paymaya? pls teach me.. thanks...

  5. just follow the instruction ! :D

  6. HI GUYS! :) For your inquiries and PayMaya questions, please do check out their FAQs here:
    Or email :) Thank you!

  7. Hello! I downloaded the app and signed up already. The vietual card was already activated. How can I get the physical card? Where will I go? Thanks.

  8. is there a service/additional charge when reloading paymaya?

  9. Hi Ma'am! If I top up my virtual PayMaya card, does it also link to my physical card so it can be withdrawn any time? or do i top up the virtual card and then send the money to my physical card via the app?

    Looking forward to your reply!

  10. Hi can we also use paymaya through online stores like amazon, bookoutlet etc?

    1. Yes! You can use paymaya to any online stores that accepts visa. I've use my paymaya for bookdepository and it sure works! I'm planning to use paymaya for bookoutlet any time soon. Hope this helps :)

    2. what if you dont have sufficient balance and you want to buy in amazon. can i use as a real credit card so i can purchase even out of a load?

  11. My paymaya balance doesnt decrease when I use it.

  12. Installment ba ang payment sa paymaya? thanks

  13. How to top up paymaya in other countries?

  14. Say I want to buy something online using paymaya and it cost Php1000.00, if i use my paymaya card, does it add interest like regular credit cards do?

  15. Hi.. May I ask, can I also use my paymaya account for installment items? like getting a 24 month to pay plan of gadgets?

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