Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Blogging this before leaving the house because today (and the coming days!) are very very exciting. I am on my toes now as I juggle school, the blog (and events), Bloggers United, and my new baby with @sarahtirona - Beach Born Sea Salt Hair Spray!

Speaking of BU, we've recently partnered with the new mobile app for selling and buying items from your favorite Instagram sellers: SHOPEE!

Top - SM Woman | Pants - Human | Brogues - Debenhams | Photo - @sarahtirona

And TODAY, because it is 11/11 (November 11, 2015), Shopee is celebrating the world’s BIGGEST Online Shopping Day with FREE gifts, collection discounts, and hourly raffles! Woot!

Shopee is bringing the mobile shopping revolution to the Philippines, with its easy-to-use and safe mobile marketplace. I just downloaded my APP and it looks like this:

It is a platform where users can buy and sell online at no extra cost. It was launched in June 2015 and has since connected thousands of buyers and sellers to each other. It answers the many issues online buyers and sellers are faced with today like unresponsive buyers/sellers, unpaid items, and simply unreliable listings that results in unsuccessful deals. Plus, Shopee is completely FREE! There are no registration fees or commission fees that Shopee charges.

My home page, because I am going to sell some of my stuff here soon!

You can easily upload your stuff that you want to sell from your phone! Even from your IG pictures!

Be a part of the mobile shopping revolution and download the Shopee app today at Available on both Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (App Store).

And BTW, Sarah is selling Beach Born via Shopee! Download the app now, and enjoy shopping perks and convenience. :)

Buyers and sellers are also covered by the Shopee Guarantee, ensuring each party protection from fraudulent transactions for all deals completed online. 

For more information and updates on Shopee:

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