Hong Kong Day 2: Central, Tsim Sha Tsui

Friday, January 08, 2016

Good morning Paterson Street!

With too much to drink, we woke up late on our second day just in time for lunch. 
We headed to Central Hong Kong at The Landmark mall (different from the ones here in Manila), 
where we were greeted by this FANCY fantasy Christmas display at their "activity center".

Marj said the theme changes every year. 
This year, it's like a Christmas toy factory with bears manning the machineries.

For a while, we forgot that we were waiting for another group (Marj's boyfriend's family) 
AND that we haven't had our breakfast yet!

It was in between lunch and breakfast, so some of us looked for a coffee place.

I knew there's Laduree na in Manila, but the branch here in Landmark had no lines so I took advantage of it. 
And, mas mura ata sa HK?

Bought 4 pieces while waiting for our lunch buddies.

Also bought brewed coffee from this well-designed cafe:

They also serve food, which looks reallyyyy good (or gutom na gutom na ako nyan, haha!)

Still fascinated by sugar cubes!

Ang cute din ng tissue nila:

When we met Bernard's family, we walked to our lunch place, which is popular for their GOOSE. 

Yat Lok Restaurant is located in Stanley St., just walking distance from Central Station. Super haba ng line, place is small, and waiters don't understand English. Upside is transition and service is fast. Plus, they said that the goose is really worth all the troubles! Read more on Yat Lok Restaurant via Trip Advisor.

But of course, I just had the pansit with gulay on the side. It's a so-so dish, haha!

We decided to walk around after lunch, and came upon Mid-Levels. It's just above Central, and halfway Victoria Peak.

The Mid-Levels escalator or "travelators" will take you floor upon floor of streets lined with restaurants and shops. 
It is said to be the longest outdoor escalator system in the world!

Nag hahanap ng wi-fi, lol.

One of the many bisecting streets / roads:

Pag sawa ka na sa escalator, you can stop in one area to check out interesting local shops and restaurants:

Eventually, the group was split, and I went with Marj and Bernard to Tsim Sha Tsui. 
 We rode the MTR for the first time in this trip:

Super saya ko na nyan!

Naexcite ako just seeing this! Pang commute talaga ako, hehe.

To me, Tsim Sha Tsui, or TST, is just similar to Causeway Bay. It has several high-end shops and restaurants where you can enjoy Hong Kong's city life. Marj was on a quest to purchase designer bags and shoes at good deal - and this area is the place to be.


First time to spot the Ebeneezer's. I can eat here for the rest of the trip, haha!

Cute Emoji pillows for the social media kids, hehe:

More original Star Wars finds:

Cheap perfumes in all Sasa (plus they have free wi-fi for their guests, love this store! ;p).

x 6 = Pesos

More sneakers sightings:

Original Adidas phone case: buti pa ang cellphone naka Superstar!

Cheap luxury bags store in TST (Around 70% off!).

It was night time already when we went out the luxury store (ang bilis ng oras!), so we tried different street foods. 
I had the plain egg waffles:

Saw a huge Charlie Brown Cafe under construction:

We also had a cheese tart in a random street stall, ang sarap!

Passed by another mall and thought mukang ang ganda nya, so we stopped over (which turned out to be a longer stop, hehe).

Walang nanita when we rested on their steps, hehe:

Cute lights display that you can change the beat yourself through an app (high tech!).

Of course, haha.

Inside the mall is this artificial moon made of thousands of light bulbs. Nakakasilaw!

We went back to the luxury bags store area for dinner, where we spotted an Ebeneezer's. 

I had the vegetable curry (HKD 52), and shared a bottle of wine:

Plus a plate of falafel (HKD 25). Ang sarap! My best meal for this trip.

Kaya ko tong maubos, hehe:

We were near Victoria Harbour na, so we decided to walk around some more before calling it a night. 
We were super busog pa to go home, anyway.

Street performers here and there:

Cutest HUGE dogs surrounded by tourists taking turns to have their photos taken:

Spotted Hong Kong's famous Clock Tower! I remembered this from my last HK trip!

Throwback to Hong Kong 2009 with Alli, Me-an, and Ana:

A declared monument in Hong Kong, it is the only remnant from the original Kowloon-Canton Railway.

We were looking for the Avenue of the Stars, but learned from the locals that they've closed the area already since last year. :p

So we walked some more...

Huge Chanel at the designer boulevard:

And a huge Ferrero!

Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong has its own Christmas outdoor attraction that even non-guests can enjoy:

Up the tower, you'll love its colonial and modern appeal, and all the lights:

To be continued...


  1. Bff! Parehas tayo ng tinahak nung nasa HK ako! Hirap na hirap ako hanapin yang Clock Tower na yan! At medyo nadisappoint lang ako. Hehe. More kwento!:)

    1. Yehey! Haha natawa ako sa Clock Tower!
      See you soon, more kwentos!

  2. Hi! Can you share where exactly the "Cheap luxury bags store in TST (Around 70% off!)"? Thanks! :)


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