Hong Kong Day 5: Disneyland Hotel (Or other things you can do at the Disneyland Resort)

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wondering what else you can do at the Disneyland Resort other than going to the theme park?
I've been to HK Disneyland last 2009, so I've scratched that off my list already.
I decided to spend the last few hours of my HK trip at the Disneyland Hotel. 

Using my 24-hour Adult Single Journey Ticket from the day before (which we bought at around 12nn na, so di pa sya expired!), I woke up extra early, packed my bags and left it with our inn's receptionist, and then dragged my sleepy ass to "the happiest place on earth".

It was super early! I experienced Hong Kong's rush hour, with the workforce all straight face running around from station to station. But when I reached the special train for Disneyland, there were lesser people. I was able to sit down and take it all in.

I'm back! :)

It was rainy, super early, and it's a weekday... so yep, wala pang masyadong tao.

I was even able to walk around this area, because hindi pa to sakop ng Disneyland ticket (ticket booths are nasa dulo pa).

After taking above pictures, I turned around back to the MTR station to go to the Resort Hotel Shuttles.
Magkalapit lang sila, or just ask around and follow the signages.

There were three pairs of feet during my 2009 photo with this. I suddenly missed my friends! :)

The Resort Hotel Shuttles come and go for every 15-20 minutes. More on the time slots HERE.

The best part is, your ride is FREE. So pwede ka lang mag joyride if you want, haha!

During the 5-7 minute ride, you'll enjoy the route's greeneries, stop over Disney's Hollywood Hotel (don't go down yet), and then finally, stop at the Disneyland Hotel!


I immediately looked for the garden by heading to the hotel's floor-to-ceiling windows.
The famous Disney Hotel maze garden is super beautiful, albeit the rain.
Your trip can stop here, where you can just lounge and appreciate this side of Disneyland. Tipid pa!

But as for me, I looked for the hotel's breakfast place to inquire. I love breakfast!

Around the hotel, they have several dining options such as the Crystal Lotus (Chinese Cuisine, they have these cute Disney Dim Sum), Walt's Cafe, Chef Mickey, and the Enchanted Garden, which was my goal that morning:

Victorian inspired, the Enchanted Garden is a feast to the senses. They serve international buffet, plus you get to meet the Disney characters while having your breakfast! Sold kaagad ako!

I asked the receptionist if walk-ins are allowed. She gave me the breakfast rate (HKD 360.5 - around Php 2, 163), and since andun nadin naman na, I agreed (for the experience).

Then, I was asked to go back for the next batch at 9:30am (it was already 9:15 naman na).

So I just walked around the actual garden area:

Straight out of a Disney cartoon! :)

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel also offers indoor and outdoor pools, playground, spa with sauna, and of course, this maze garden. Rooms are also well-designed and vintage-y. Also found out that the hotel is located at the shores of South China Sea!

Wish I can stay here someday, kahit one night lang! 

Kids popping their heads, looking for each other. Ang cute!

Went in after a few minutes to have my breakfast.

I love the vintage appeal of Enchanted Garden:

"Exit reality, walk under an ornate wrought-iron archway and proceed through a trellised hallway flourishing with magical vines and flowers. Arrive in a lovely Victorian garden conservatory filled with golden sunlight and a cornucopia of delicious dishes—including Chinese, Asian and Western classics." (source)

Saw Pluto mingling with the guests:

Oh, the painting with the "straight out of Disney" arch from the hotel's garden!

The place looks cozy and intimate:

Now on to the buffet spread:

Water and fresh fruit juices at the center (they served my coffee upon request, had 3 cups haha!).

Food Photos! 

Although Indian is not my preferred cuisine for breakfast, I still had the samosas and curry:

Saw several meats, eggs, bacon, ham, and sausages. I had lots of the hashbrown sa dulo:

Soups, saw mostly Asian dishes that morning:


Mickey Mouse waffles, pancakes, and oatmeal:

All sorts of breads:


Greek / Mediterranean area. I had the hummus and pita:

For dessert, they have fruits, pastries, cakes, and yoghurt: 

Siguro I went back mga three times! In my defense, lunch ko nadin yun, haha. Then I saw Mickey Mouse in our area, so I didn't get up na! 

The Disney team was very organized, making sure to go to each table to have the photo ops. Kahit walang kids dadaanan nila, even the couple beside me was excited.

A Disney staff member will even get your phone to take your photo, but may professional photographer din sila. They charge for the printed photo (cheapest is HKD168 with digital copy), so if dyahe for you that you're not getting one, decline for the pro photo na agad.

So yey! I finally have a hugging photo with Mickey! Ito palang solb nako sa experience!

Pluto went to our area next, and nung turn ko na, he pulled the chair in front of me and pretended to have breakfast with me! :D 
Ang cute, even the kids at the back were amused!

The sweet Daisy Duck came in next, and I was about to finish nadin my breakfast at that time.
She held my hands for the photo op:
Ang cute din ni Elsa sa likod, hehehe.

After the breakfast and meet and greet, I paid for my bill and decided to stall around to check out the hotel. 

Yep, I bought the Mickey Mouse photo that comes with a downloadable digital copy! Haha! I am now a sucker for these things. :D

Btw, you can only stay at the breakfast buffet for 1.5 hours. There's also a 7:30 to 9am batch while mine was from 9:30 to 11am. 
Sulit din yung time slot ko na brunch, hindi na ako nag lunch!

Even their restrooms are vintage Victorian inspired.

Cute Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for the little girls:

They get the full Disney Princess makeover in this store, from legit costume, to hair and makeup:

There's also a Disney souvenir store inside the hotel:

I resisted these adorable temptations, hehe:

Of course, a remote controlled BB-8!

The experience is for Disney fans who already went to the theme park, and want something else. It can also be for those with time constraints, but still want to experience Disney.

Left the hotel before my MTR card expires the clock struck 12, hopped inside the free shuttle going back to Disneyland Resort MTR, said good bye to the magical world and off to the city side of Hong Kong for the last few hours of the trip...

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