Bohol Takeover with #NiveaSunProtects Part 2

Monday, February 08, 2016

I actually just read this line on Facebook via Bo Sanchez's page, and thought it's worth sharing:

Live your life today in a way that when you're 83, 
you can look back and smile with gratitude and joy.

During the Nivea Sun Protects launch in Bohol, this can go in two ways. First is to live all out and just do what you want to do even when you're unsure / scared / you feel you're not good enough.

...I am actually pertaining to wearing a swimsuit (hehehe, more HERE), but of course it also goes for my first time riding a Zip Bike to represent my B3 teammates. I even went in first! And it was raining during our turn, so double whammy! 

Hi Elaine and Ira, we did it! :)

The different Land Adventure teams before we were segregated by activity. Back story HERE.

We were not teammates, but support padin! With Pax and the beautiful Chocolate Hills behind us.

The whole time I was just concentrating on speeding the bike (it was a timed challenge), and making it on both ends as fast and as safely as I can!

My own version of EXPECTATION...

...Versus REALITY, hahaha. I just smiled because I saw the camera! Lol.

Thank you Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP) for hosting our fun challenges!

And second, of course, is to take care of your that you'll even reach 83! 

How? We all know these but I'll say them anyway: Start living a more active lifestyle, go to the gym, dance, run, or do whatever sport you prefer as regularly as you can. Eat healthy, watch what you put inside your body. And of course, take extra care of your skin!

I am guilty of not regularly applying my sunblock, but it is actually a necessity and chooses no weather and venue (rain or shine, city or sea).

Some key points I picked during the whole adventure event:

- Make sure to apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure, and reapply every two hours.

- Sun's rays are strongest from 10am to 3pm. Make sure to apply your sunscreen, wear a hat or use an umbrella when you're out.

- Nivea Sun Protects guards your body from permanent skin damages that can cause skin cancer, premature wrinkling, and signs of aging.

- Nivea sun products stick to your skin better compared to other brands.

- And they provide various forms of sun protection (whitening, moisturizing, tanning, and even kids version) with 80% more effectivity in blocking UVA and UVB rays!

Nivea even gave us these UV sensitive dolls that turns red when exposed outdoors. The "burn" will subside when you apply Nivea sunblock on the dolls, ang galing!

It is also a cute and fun way to teach the young ones on the importance of sun protection. Start young nga naman!

So yep, more time to hangout by the beach with your friends without worrying about wrinkles, dark spots, and even skin cancer from the harmful UV rays.

And build more memories together. :)

Thank you to Nivea Philippines and EON PR for this jam-packed and super fun Bohol getaway with my closest friends. Thank you for taking care of us, and for all the cool new experiences and new friends I gained. 

You gave me more stories to tell (and even tips!) to my future apo, hehe. :)  

For more information, visit, like them on FACEBOOK, and follow @NIVEAphils on Twitter and Instagram.


  1. Glad I was able to experience another out of town with you beb! Grabe the last one was Baguio! hehe MArami na tayo makukwento sa future apos!

    1. Super memorable trip beb, and oo nga noh Baguio memories rule!!!!


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