Bohol Takeover with #NiveaSunProtects Part 1

Saturday, February 06, 2016

The gang left Manila early January 26 with lots of sunshine. I was even wearing my super-oversized sunnies, which I bought from FLY Shades just for this trip. We were headed to Bohol to experience the Nivea Sun line. Ang saya diba!

This event was something my whole blog barkada (Clingies) was looking forward to since late last year because sa wakas, nakumpleto din kami sa out-of-town! It was also my first time in Bohol.

There were fiascos in between. Upon our supposed landing, I looked out and I swear I already saw Bohol from my window seat, when the plane flew back to the skies again. It was raining. Then I heard the announcement from the pilot that we have to make an emergency landing to Cebu because there's zero visibility in Panglao. Totally unexpected!

While in the vicinity of Mactan, still raining, we waited for an hour or so just inside the plane. Eventually, when coast was clear, we flew again and finally landed safely in our actual destination. Thank You Lord we're all safe, and that the PAL crew managed everything well.

Haggard from the long travel, we rode this bus going to the Bohol Bee Farm for late lunch. No rain can ruin our parade, I was still feeling super excited that we're in Bohol together!

Hi baby!

Upon entering the restaurant, here's a very appropriate signage that welcomed us: A cloudy day doesn't keep the UV rays away! Decided to apply my Nivea Sun just a bit too late, hehe.

The NIVEA Sun family! They have an extensive range of products that can cover specific and diverse needs.

Nivea Sun ensures Immediate Sun Protection with its highly effective UVA and UVB filter system, Advanced Collagen Protect which protects skin’s collagen and helps prevent wrinkles caused by sun exposure, long-lasting protection, and advanced formula that is water resistant and non-greasy.

Back to Bohol Bee Farm, the place is beautiful and semi reminded me if Sonya's Garden. 

It's like entering Hogwarts' Great Hall! The Nivea Sun 2016 group is a mix of bloggers, media people, personalities, and online influencers.

Enjoyed the food served to us, thank you.

Also enjoyed this view... Might not be wearing a hat and sunglasses like AJ and Pax (haha), but at least I had my sunblock on, hehehe.

Group photo! Love the view and this company:

Back inside the school bus to go to our next activity!

Like a classroom set-up, we learned more things about Nivea and their products.

"For more than a hundred years, NIVEA’s commitment to providing effective and trusted skincare for all remains constant," says NIVEA Philippines country manager Konstantin Stremme. "Summer is a very exciting season and we hope that everybody gets to fully enjoy their sunny moments with the most caring protection of NIVEA Sun."

We were also randomly grouped for the trip's main activity: the challenges! For that afternoon, we only had a "Quiz Night". My B3 groupmates were super good and competitive, we answered everything correctly! Yey!

Here's something that I only learned during that afternoon classroom session: The amount of sunblock you'll need for your whole body is from the tip of your middle finger, up to the end of your hand. Noted!

After the Quiz Night, the groups were sorted randomly to Water Adventures and Land Adventures. I was hoping that we get water because mas into water sports talaga ako, but then we got the latter. 

So here are the challenges for Land Adventure groups:

Zip Bike:

Tarzan Swing:

And Pentagon:

If you're part of my team, what challenge will you choose?

I picked Zip Bike because I only had to conquer the fear of heights (good thing hindi ako excessively takot sa heights), compared to the other 2 tasks which entail hardcore physical activities. I don't think I can swing a rope ala tarzan or cross the planks, haha! Too much skills involved!

That night, I watched vids on past Zip Bikers, and it looked scary but manageable. Little did I know that there will be an external factor that added to the activity's thrill. More about that on my next post!

So finally, sun has set, and everybody's ready to hit the sheets. We went to check-in Bellevue Hotel and were welcomed by these festival dancers:

I love our room! Ava was my assigned roomie, so technically this is our second Bellevue Hotel experience! Yey!

Wowowow! We all received these Nivea essentials. Super appreciate the dry bag, big water container, and all the sun protection!

Prepared everything already because we have early call-time!

We then had buffet dinner and few bottles of beer with my girls before calling it a night.

Ready for the next day's challenges!
To be continued...

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