Modest Girl: Swimwear Ideas for the Conservative Girls Like Me (hehe)

Monday, February 01, 2016

Hello, fresh from Bohol!

It's my first beach trip for the year, and I am happy to have spent it with my complete blog barkada for Nivea's Sun Protects launch. 

What I noticed during the trip is how most of the girls were wearing bikinis. But ever since, I am not one to don revealing clothes (kung pwede nga lang mag t-shirt forever, haha). 

The irony with loathing summer ootds is that I super duper love the water. I call myself a water baby (Aquarius pa ako), and enjoy trying beach activities from surfing, diving, snorkelling, to wake boarding, to parasailing, and even cliff diving! So I am not stopping myself from all the fun just because I am not comfortable in a 2-piece. 

I am super happy then to discover different styles of swimwear that I can be myself in. The pieces still show a little bit of skin, but not too much! Here are some of them:

1) CESA Halmesh Maillot

What I love about this piece are the three straps and mesh side details. Fresh and unique, Halmesh Maillot is nothing like the usual! Check the other colors / prints HERE.

2) CESA Maja Bustier Maillot

Most prob my favorite CESA cut! Very flattering for all shapes and sizes, and comes in different prints and colors! I love that it gives off this pin-up chic vibe! Order yours HERE.

3) Charming Gartered Loose Dress from GO BUY

Just to add to my list, this coverup is the perfect "conservative but still cute" clothing that you can bring on your next beach trip. It's easy to wear, and a very versatile day-to-night piece. Also available in black, check it out HERE.

 4) CESA ???

Can't seem to find the name of this design in CESA's website and Instagram (@cesaph), is this still coming soon? Anyway, I love its sporty appeal, made with neoprene fabric that hugs your body in all the right places. Very flattering, and dries quickly too!

Excited to share beach trip photos and stories next!

View more Cesa beach ootds HERE
Special thanks to @paxieness and @artsyava for taking my photos!


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    1. I like that piece so much too! Wish I can have it in every color and print hehehe


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