There's a Pair of Merrell Shoes for Your Every Adventure

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I am not one to stop people from taking advantage of the more accessible "adventures" these days. Before, it will take YEARS before you can go on your next getaway. But now, you can jump from one mountain to the next beach every month (or every week!)... As long as your body (and budget) can take you there, then why not!

I like that Merrell encourages everyone to love the great outdoors, and explore our country first! With "Getaway To Adventure" campaign, they foster all aspiring travellers, and even won an award from Philippine Quill Awards for Excellence in the Communication Management category in advocating safe and fun adventures. 

More on that and this brand on this post!

The Department of Tourism's TPB Chief Operating Officer Domingo Ramon C. Enerio III said that this campaign is at par with DOT's and TPB's efforts "To highlight the diverse attractions of our over 7,500 tropical islands, whether popular or unchartered, and to promote the Philippines as Asia Pacific's ADVENTURE CAPITAL."

The launch of the Getaway To Adventure campaign was held at Basil restaurant in Katipunan. Food is superb, and place is perfect for the "outdoorsy" vibe.

Going on your next adventure entails gears to help you reach your goals safely. The new Merrell Capra Collection offers an array of shoes for any terrain. 


Target Destination: Bakun Trio 
Conquering mountains is always a test, and hiking Cordillera’s Bakun Trio is no exception. The Bakun Trio consists of three mountains: Mts. Lobo, Tenglawan, and Kabunian. Imagine braving uneven terrain, steep and slippery trails to and from the summit of each mountain in three days. 

Recommended Gear: Merrell Capra Bolt
The lightweight Capra Bolt is designed for adrenaline-packed hiking adventures and will keep you surefooted and rooted in confidence. Its UniFlyTM midsole ensures stability, agility, and a more efficient stride on faster trails, while the M SelectTM GRIP’s Capra hoof-inspired sole allows optimal footing on unpredictable terrain.

Waterfalls Hopping

Destination: Laguna Waterfalls (Hulugan Falls, Aliw Falls, and Pagsanjan)
Those who like water adventures can give waterfall hopping a try. The Hulugan, Aliw, and Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna are great choices. Dip into each of these waterfalls to cool down and relax this summer, but be sure to wear suitable footwear.

Recommended Gear: Merrell Capra Rapid
The Merrell Capra Rapid features M SelectTM Wet Grip and Capra hoof-inspired siped sole ideal for wet, slick, and unpredictable terrain. Its quick-drying upper and midsole are self-draining, keeping the feet light.

Urban Exploration

Destination: Cebu (Bantayan Island, Malapascua, and Cebu City Tour)
Exploring cities is always a pleasant way to discover new things, and the city of Cebu has a lot to offer. Take the tour to discover Cebu City’s hidden gems and hop on a boat to soak in the scenic beach of Bantayan Island and the small yet stunning island of Malapascua. Wear shoes that provide good traction and keep you at ease with all the walking you will do.

Recommended Gear: Capra Sandal and Capra Rapid Sieve

Don't slow down for anything—not even streams—in Merrell’s quick-drying, highly ventilated hydro-hiker sandal with a grippy outsole and supportive upper.

Aside from great gears, Merrell also supports VolunTOURISM by giving back to nature through programs that protect the environment and cultural treasures of the country. They also advocate safe adventures through Trail AdvenTours, a mountain tour company that promotes Leave No Trace rule, safe and fun hikes.

Merrell is also partnered with several apps for mountaineers. First is PH Mountains, where enthusiasts get comprehensive mountain list, mountain map, gear checklist, and even a store locator for outdoor gear. Meanwhile, Merrell and Looloo app allows the world to witness nature's beauty and highlight the fun in outdoor escapades by letting people share their adventures through its "Adventure Review of the Week" and "Destination of the Week" features. This initiatives create a community of adventurers.

Through these relevant partnerships, Merrell creates a safe, unique, and memorable Getaway to Adventure that is set to inspire more people to slip on their hiking shoes and explore the Philippine outdoors. I am excited on what is next for me and my new Merrell Capra shoes.

For more information, follow Merrell on FACEBOOK and on Instagram @Merrell_PH.

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