WHAT APP: Afterlight

Friday, March 25, 2016

I was wrong when I thought that gone are the days of Instagram filters and Snapseed. Majority of Instagram users now edit with VSCO. There was a time I even deleted my other editing apps!

Lately, I started playing around again with different photo treatments. I got challenged to try different Instagram photo looks, before uploading them, so I reacquainted myself to good ol' Afterlight.

If you think it's time consuming, I actually enjoy editing my photos! I guess to each his own. Although nakaharang na pala ako sa pinto, lol. 

The Mission: 

How did people create the Instax / Polaroid effect on their Instagram posts? Do they really use their Instax / Polaroid? Ang mahal ng film ha!

What app po? Hehehe.

I won't say this is the app that the other bloggers use, but I discovered that Afterlight has an Instant Film Pack feature for only USD .99. That's less than Php 50, so I bought it right away!

I tried it with the photo of my new glow-in-the-dark Banana Peel slippers, a collaboration with WWF for Earth Hour.

Yep, it's in Afterlight!

CHARAAAN! My own Polaroid style photo! :)

Ok, so how I placed the Instax on a brown background and with my personal handwriting is another story (and another app!)! Maybe another blog post? Comment below if you're interested to learn this as well! 

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  1. I just learned this one. Haha. Thanks Ana!

  2. This is so Amazing! This helped me so much for my editing purposes. Thank you so much Miss Ana! 😄

  3. Hi po. Paano po if may pic ako na gagamitin kaso need ko sya drag left/right or down/up? Hnd kasi mganda kinakalabasan nung sa akin po.

    1. Hello! Not sure about that haven't tried it, but maybe you can crop that picture na para swak sa frame? :)


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